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Review of the Album "Tinnitus Sanctus" by German Power Metal Band Edguy

Updated on December 13, 2020
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Tinnitus Sanctus Marks a Turning Point in the Career of Edguy

German power metal band Edguy provided the heavy metal genre with an entertaining yet philosophical approach to music with their 2006 album Rocket Ride. In 2008, they released an album called Tinnitus Sanctus. Contrary to what some fans may think, Edguy did not totally abandon their power metal roots, but they just reinvented themselves. This album still has power metal roots as the first song called "Ministry of Saints" is an example of this. It still has the crunchy guitars as Tobias Sammet delivers a good vocal performance.

The Front Cover for the Album "Tinnitus Sanctus"

The album cover for Tinnitus Sanctus has a photo of Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns on his head. The Christian religion is a lyrical theme that is addressed often in this album. Jesus came to Earth to establish a relationship with mankind.
The album cover for Tinnitus Sanctus has a photo of Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns on his head. The Christian religion is a lyrical theme that is addressed often in this album. Jesus came to Earth to establish a relationship with mankind. | Source

Tinnitus Sanctus Starts in Good Fashion Just Like Edguy's 2 Previous Albums Did

Tinnitus Sanctus delivers on the start of the last three albums which started out in excellent fashion. In the album Hellfire Club, the song Mysteria showed that Edguy was in the music business to thrive. Then the song Sacrifice showed that these guys could be good even when they start with a piano part. Does anyone remember the song Freecard by Dark Tranquillity? That song starts in similar fashion as the band still thrived musically.

What is the Song Ministry of Saints About?

A proper Christian ministry can make anyone better as the song tries to point out. It brings up the question as to whether the members of Edguy are actively involved in their own Christian ministries or whether they are just faithful to the religion itself. With the help of angels a person can be cleansed of their sins but this is a process that can take a very long time. Is Ministry of Saints a hit song worthy of superstar status? No it is not but the beginning heavy riff combined with the vocals makes this a good song to start this album. However, Ministry of Saints is not as good of a song as Mysteria.

Nine Lives is a Special Song

"Nine Lives" is a song that encourages us to fight back against those people that have come to drain our capacity to love. We have to show them that we have the desire and the passion to spread our love around the world. Edguy have become philosophical and this approach should win them some more fans.

Further Commentary on the Song "Nine Lives"

When someone or something comes to drain our love away, we have to fight back with our nine lives and be resilient. The chorus is the most memorable part of the song Nine Lives. Folks, this album should get more credit than it does.

The First Half of the Album Tinnitus Sanctus is Dominated by Philosophy and Religion Lyrical Themes

The song "Sex, Fire, Religion" is a blues rock kind of song that describes a world full of vices. The idea of sex can be very tempting for so many of us yet there are so many people that are unable to avoid it so they cave in to the pressure. Is there such a thing as false angels? "The Pride of Creation" is another song that addresses religion. Even when we pray to GOD we wonder whether he is listening to us. The song also asks the question of why do people get married when there is hell to pay? Because of the sin committed by mankind, the penalty for that is the penalty of death so some people sometimes run, being afraid of tomorrow.

"Wake Up Dreaming Black" is a song about someone that is thinking that GOD failed them and because of this, they are dreaming of darkness and dying angels. GOD, the Universe or whatever you believe in is always there for you.

9-2-9 is One of the Weakest Songs in This Album

The song called 9-2-9 sounds like a progressive rock or melodic rock kind of song and Tobias sounds somewhat like Ray Alder. This doesn’t turn me off and instead it gets me thinking that this is a creative way to change and still stay in the metal genre. The song is about there being lots of confusion as it feels like a person sails the seas and does not arrive at their destination. The song has a definite hard rock feel but this is not really what Edguy started with and excelled.

The Slower Speed of Tinnitus Sanctus Will Turn Off Many of Edguy's Fans

I have to say that 9-2-9 and Wake Up Dreaming Black are two of the weakest songs in this album but it does not mean that they are bad songs.

It just means that they don’t represent typical Edguy style songs. Dragonfly is one of those catchier songs in Edguy’s career. The speed of Edguy’s songs are slowed down considerably for this album and that one quality alone will be a turn off for many of its fans. Edguy has been known for powerful power metal riffs that are thundering, fast, and exciting. The vocals are still quite good but Tobias was better earlier in his career (I would say from 1995 through 2004 were his best years).

Two Roses Representing the Feeling of Love

These two roses symbolize the feeling of love, something we should have a lot of capacity for as the song Nine Lives tries to point out.
These two roses symbolize the feeling of love, something we should have a lot of capacity for as the song Nine Lives tries to point out. | Source

Final Thoughts About the Album Tinnitus Sanctus

"Speedhoven" is an almost 8 minute song that seems to be about getting ready to enjoy winter by using the sleds for recreation and then the next minute the lyrics shift to not being able to convince someone that they are not the right match for you in terms of finding romance. That’s a strange occurrence in the career of Edguy. I had initially said that Rocket Ride is the weakest album in the career of Edguy but upon further analysis, Tinnitus Sanctus may be their weakest album but it is not a bad album at all. Just because an album is different does not meant that it is a bad one. Dead or Rock is a song that pretty much can be summed up like this: it is time to rock and roll or not have fun at all. The alternative is death if we don’t do rock and roll. The strongest songs in the album Tinnitus Sanctus are Ministry of Saints, Dragonfly, Nine Lives and Thorn Without a Rose.

The last song is an oldies and blues influenced bonus track with an unusual name. It is not a good way to end what may be Edguy’s weakest album but even so, they are still one of Germany’s best heavy metal bands.


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