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Review of the Album "Trash" by the Singer Alice Cooper

Updated on November 8, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Don't Be Stunned by the Album's Title Because It is One of the Best Hard Rock Albums Ever!

By the album’s title, some fans may think that this 1989 album isn’t worth even listening to and nothing could be further from the truth. Singer Alice Cooper’s 1989 studio album called Trash is one of the best albums in his career and it is one that I spent much of my 20’s listening to and it is a really entertaining listen! Just a little spark in the dark or just a little spark is what some of us need to get us in a stable direction mentally or we just want to have fun even at night. The album has plenty of terrific songs such as Poison, Spark in the Dark, House of Fire, and Bed of Nails.

Songs Like Why Trust You and Only My Heart Talkin' Add to the Album's Greatness

"Why Trust You" is a song that expresses doubt about why a certain person should be trusted in spite of their smile when they have not done anything for anybody. This album Trash is easily better than White Lion’s Big Game which was also released in the same year of 1989. 1989 was the last year of a decade that saw many changes throughout the world. I would not listen to this album until maybe 1998 because I don’t remember the exact year but once the album hits your ears, you are treated to hard rock that is AWESOME! Only My Heart Talkin’ is another relationship kind of song that is about trying to get another chance even when you have made mistakes. Reconciliation can be tough at times.

"Spark in the Dark"

The Album "Trash" is a Great Love Type of Album That Achieved Mainstream Success

Of course, which American hard rock fan can forget about the song Poison? It is a humorous way of looking at how to find love. Sometimes we are looking to make our moves in the love department but it can be risky, a risk that all of us have to take. Alice Cooper’s Trash is one of the best hard rock albums of the 1980’s and one of the best of all time! "Spark in the Dark" is a classic love song about having the time of your life with the one that you love. I am listening to this tune to gain some perspective about the strength of the US hard rock scene which was peaking at this time. This album is full of pleasure. In 1997, German vocalist Andi Deris would write a song about pleasure and having fun called House of Pleasure but in 1989, lyrical themes about love, sex, and rock and roll were very common. Trash was an album that reached #20 on the US Billboard charts and it has sold over 1 million copies.

"Bed of Nails"

The Album "Trash" Expresses the Concept of Love in a Fun and Humorous Way

I look at the lyrical themes of this album as a way to entertain audiences instead of having songs about love that are serious. Alice Cooper is one heck of a show man! In life, we want to show our love interest that we are the only one that can make them feel like they are loved and needed. The convincing part is the most difficult part because it is said that the woman holds the rejection card. Alice Cooper knows how to express himself vocally and lyrically, the concept of love is addressed to show that it is used by all of us. Some of us use love to take advantage of others.

"Hell is Living Without You"

What Are the Best Songs on the Album "Trash?"

The best songs in the album Trash are Poison, Spark in the Dark, House of Fire, Why Trust You, Bed of Nails, and Hell is Living Without You. This makes six excellent songs out of 10 so does the album get a 100 points out of 100? Not quite but it is close to flawless in terms of hard rock albums even beating anything released by the band Dokken. "Hell is Living Without You" is about a man that is searching for his lost love because he does not know where she went off to. As the nights get longer and colder he gets more despondent. This album is even better than the album Pride because Pride has one song that can be skipped over but this album does not have any songs to really skip over.

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"House of Fire"

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