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Review of the Album "Two Paths" 2017 by Finnish Folk Metal Band Ensiferum

Updated on January 24, 2018

How Does the Album Two Paths Begin?

"Two Paths" is the most recent studio album by Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum and it is one that has a different start to it in comparison to previous releases from this band. The first song is a Finnish song that is sung by new member Netta Skog who is also Finnish and the song starts off with sound effects like you would hear in an adventure type of movie.

Album Cover for Two Paths


The Album Also Uses Poetic Verses

The next song called For Those About to Fight for Metal is a song with choirs and a song about warriors that even if they are outnumbered, they will fight until the end with their axes and swords. They will fight for metal or victory, whichever way that a listener will look at the song. Way of the Warrior also has a section from the Kalevala or old Finnish poems. What is in this song is verse 26. Even for those of us that don’t understand Finnish, the song is still good.

Favorite Ensiferum Album

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Finnish Metal Bands Including Ensiferum Can Create Flawless Work

Seriously, the amount of talent when it comes to heavy metal in Finland is ridiculously great and I’m saying this in a good way. They can create albums in power metal, folk metal, Gothic rock, and thrash metal and the result is still the same: flawless work!

The Importance of the Song Two Paths

The song Two Paths in terms of the starting riff kind of resembles the great song White Storm. Two Paths signifies or tries to suggest that there are two paths to take in life. Either we are going to be lead to a path of light or a path of darkness. The song also may bring to our awareness the fact that all of us are mortals and that we will die someday.

What Does the Album's Cover Show and Symbolize?

The cover for the album has a photo of a very wise Viking wizard or warrior. I can see just by looking at the photo and analyzing it that he has grown older even though he is holding the sword high. Holding the sword high symbolizes courage and bravery. He is older and he knows that his final hour is coming near.

Feast With Valkyries

Two Paths and the Greatness of Ensiferum as a Band

For Ensiferum however, there is no such indication that this band will call it quits. Since 1995, they have provided the heavy metal community with terrific songs and they have also covered artists like Metallica and even the Gipsy Kings!

The song Don’t You Say is a song a song about a bard that goes from town to town singing songs and telling the stories of his travels. The original version of the song has clean vocals while the alternate version of it has Petri Lindroos singing it. He (the bard) does not want to hear that it is the same old story or that he arrived too late. For now, his goal is to stay in the village as a member of the community. As it is with this song, the song called God is Dead also has the original version and the alternate version as Markus Toivonen and Petri alternate in the vocal work. The song is a departure from the folk metal we have been accustomed to and sounds like a modern metal kind of song. Ensiferum enters 2018 being one of the best bands from Finland even 23 years after it first formed. Two Paths is another solid album from these Finnish guys.

The Song Called Two Paths

Final Thoughts About the Album Two Paths

The strongest songs in this album include the title track, King of Storms, Feast With Valkyries, and Don’t You Say. We have come to the end of covering the career of this talented band from their first album to their most recent one. What is your favorite Ensiferum album? For this writer, it would have to be the first three albums released by Ensiferum.

The Song Called Don't You Say (Markus Toivonen on Vocals)


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