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Review of the Album "United Abominations" by Megadeth

Updated on October 22, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

The album's cover has Elvis Presley on it in chains standing next to a winged creature as there are buildings that are being laid to waste in the background. The cover symbolizes the chaos in the US.
The album's cover has Elvis Presley on it in chains standing next to a winged creature as there are buildings that are being laid to waste in the background. The cover symbolizes the chaos in the US. | Source

About Megadeth's "United Abominations" Members and Lyrical Themes

United Abominations is the 2007 album by American heavy metal band Megadeth. With this album, there are two new members once again. They are brothers Shawn and Glen Drover. Former White Lion bassist James Lomenzo plays the bass guitar in this album. It is part of Dave Mustaine’s “revolving door” policy where members come in and they are either fired or they leave on their own volition. This 2007 album is obviously better than the band’s last three albums made in the 1990’s. The album lyrically expresses the anger, outrage, and fury of the American political system. No, Megadeth certainly isn’t finished as a band and it is because of Mustaine’s decision to return to playing music that Megadeth is still active.

The Song Called "Sleepwalker"

Sleepwalker: the Significance of the Song

Sleepwalker begins with some guitar and synth style keyboards before the song gets gradually heavier. The song is about a monster that comes in the middle of the night to snuff people’s lives out. Mustaine uses some creativity in the start of this song with acoustic guitar. Lyrically, the song is similar to the Judas Priest song Nightcrawler. If this was the theme of a film or a cartoon, people would have to watch out what is coming. Then the song speeds up similar to the song Rust in Peace… Polaris. Where was this kind of creativity in 1999? Dave Mustaine redeemed himself and saved the band after 2001 and I’m sure metal fans are really grateful for that. Sleepwalker can also be thought of a song about sleepwalking through life where everything feels like it is always the same.The acoustic and melodic part in the start of this song is pretty creative even for one of the oldest American bands in the music business.

Washington is Next is an Eye Opening Song

The song Washington is Next is a great song about how it is the US government’s goal to keep the population poor and stupid. They go after the church and of course, American family values have really declined opening up the door for MANY social problems. The promotion of various vices such as sex, violence, and war creates a society where even children are brainwashed and they suffer as adults. The starting riff leading into the early parts of the song sounds like Iron Maiden’s song Wasted Years. There is no logic in biological warfare. The song speaks of the enormous political dysfunction that exists in the nation’s capital.

Megadeth Addresses Some Interesting Themes and Here is How They Do it

United Abominations is a song that addresses the threat and possibility of nuclear warfare. The song criticizes the United Nations for being in favor of getting as much money for oil and meanwhile many people around the world are starving to death. Megadeth lyrically has been very similar to System of a Down bringing awareness to what is wrong or falling apart in the world. These problems need to be addressed otherwise we could see the increase in violence, social chaos and disorder. The next song called Gears of War is about the effects of ethnic cleansing as the world continues to create more sophisticated weaponry while some of these crimes go on ignored.

Cristina Scabbia Makes a Guest Appearance for the Remake of the Song A Tout Le Monde

This album also has a re-made version of the song A Tout Le Monde from the Youthanasia album except it sounds more modern and Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia provides some backing vocals. The singing is faster by Dave Mustaine. Next to the song title are the words “set me free.”

What is the Song Amerikhastan About?

The song Amerikhastan is a song about what happened to lead to the US war in Afghanistan. It is moves like this that open up the environment for religious extremism. The song also describes what happens during a guerilla war and that’s a style that US troops are not used to. The US has been in a state of perpetual war since 2001.

The Song Called "Amerikhastan"

Final Thoughts About United Abominations

Overall, United Abominations is a good album but it is not as good as The World Needs a Hero or The System Has Failed. Having had Chris Poland for that album really made a difference. The best songs on United Abominations are Sleepwalker and Washington is Next! The title track may as well be influenced by the fact that the band is critical of what the United Nations has done in the past or what it is doing now. Lyrically, the song also brings attention to the threat of nuclear war. There is dialogue about the flaws of US foreign policy which can be clearly heard in the song as the riff plays. Is this a flaw for the song and the album? This dialogue is actually extra that is not needed.

"Washington is Next!"

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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