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Review of the Album "Unreal" by Finnish Gothic Metal Band End of You

Updated on December 30, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

A Photo of the Band "End of You" Featuring the Vocalist Jami Pietila

Vocalist Jami Pietila is at the center of the photo. Bassist Timo Lehtinen is at the far left.
Vocalist Jami Pietila is at the center of the photo. Bassist Timo Lehtinen is at the far left.

Introduction to the Band End of You and the Album "Unreal"

End of You is a Finnish Gothic Metal and or rock band that I looked into several years ago and I was immediately impressed. So I decided to listen to their 2006 debut album Unreal and find out what kind of music was on this album. Truth be told it is a good mix of Gothic rock with fine low vocals by vocalist Jami Pietila. Bassist Timo Lehtinen who also plays on the melodic death metal band Kalmah also plays bass guitar for this band too.

From the First Song In the Album Unreal Called All Your Silence We Get an Idea of the Lyrical Themes of the Album

The first song called All Your Silence sets an atmospheric tone. The song is about someone that uses silence to their advantage. In spite of all their faults, they keep on moving ahead in life, pursuing goals and objectives that matter most to them. However, the person in the song keeps on running even though their anger and rage has given way to silence. Sometimes we wonder what they are trying to run away from as the song tries to point out.

"Upside Down" is the Strongest Song in This Album

However, the first song that I became hooked to on this album is the one called "Upside Down." The song is about how everything in life seems to be going upside down and falling apart. There is a sort of twin guitar sound on this one before Jami’s voice starts. The song is also about trying to make attempts to rise up above the egoist mind, the part that really holds us back and prevents us from living the kind of life that we truly want to live. I am truly thankful to the band End of You for writing this song!

The human mind can make us become a prisoner to our current reality. We must rise above our minds and really see that there is so much more than our minds currently even see right in front of us. For the purposes of this review, just know that the song Upside Down is one of the best songs ever in the career of End of You.

"Upside Down"

About the Song "Before"

The song Before and much of the album has a Theatre of Tragedy feel because of the guitar sound and tone (think about the album Aegis). With the disbandment of Theatre of Tragedy, hopefully End of You can get more recognition than it has already. Jami Pietila in spite of his low octave deep voice has melody in him as well.

The Songs Walking With No One and Liar Point to a Very Common Lyrical Theme

The song Walking With No One is a song about misunderstandings that can happen in a relationship. When we do certain things in our lives, we do them for ourselves and sometimes, even when we give the other person time and space, they may still demand more things from us.

The song Liar is a song about just trusting the other person in the relationship as he or she will show them the world and be there for them. The song points out the need in some people to lie and mislead to get something out of the relationship. Too much lying can undermine any trust that exists in relations between people. The album’s main lyrical theme is human relationships and the kind of flaws in these relationships.

How is End of You Different Than Other Finnish Bands of the Genre?

End of You is a Finnish band that doesn’t really focus on sorrow and darkness and they instead use a more philosophical, analytical approach to their lyrics which is good and it makes them somehow stand out.

About the Song Twisted Mind

The song Twisted Mind is another song about a relationship that has not worked out and sometimes people wonder whether their mind can change the past or work things out. The end of a relationship brings forth second thoughts, second guessing, and we wonder what might have been had we done things differently.


Final Thoughts About the Album "Unreal"

Overall, the album Unreal is a decent Gothic rock album but it is not as good as other albums like the one called Wounds Wide Open. The strongest songs in Unreal are All Your Silence, Upside Down, Before, My Absolution, and Twisted Mind.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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