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Review of the Album "Words from the Exit Wound" by British Death Metal Band Napalm Death

Updated on December 18, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

How is the Album Words from the Exit Wound Structured? Why is it An Experimental Album?

England’s best extreme metal band Napalm Death continues to experiment and they make fans like me continue to want to write reviews of their albums. Their 1998 album called Words from the Exit Wound is another experimental album in nature and it has clean vocals as well as Fear Factory influenced vocals as well. Why is this album experimental you might ask? This is because it is not structured in the way that albums such as Utopia Banished (1992) were structured. This album has clean vocal parts, atmospheric introductions, and 1990’s progressive death metal influences to an extent. In other words, this album is not just your standard fast, uncompromising extreme death metal album. Yes there is extremely heavy music in this album but there is much more than that as well.

Napalm Death Band Logo


Why Words From the Exit Wound is Good To Listen To

These album reviews are a way for this writer to use them as a coping mechanism because the situation in the US is not as good as it used to be. This is not because I am trying to criticize and degrade the US but these album reviews are music reviews and music is a way to bring fans together (that’s the hope) and allow people to search for a sort of way to cope with issues that they may be dealing with in their lives. With that stated, no strategy is 100% effective. But in music there is power!

Words from the Exit Wound Songs 1-4

Ironically or interestingly enough, Napalm Death wrote an album in 1994 called Fear, Emptiness, Despair which are three emotions or feelings that I’ve had at certain points in my life. The first song called “The Infiltrator” sees Mark “Barney” Greenway yell the word “go” as Napalm Death are once again ready to bring us their quality brand of extreme death metal. Next of Kin to Chaos is a song about a person that feels like they are trapped in a nightmare that cannot be altered or changed in any way. This person feels that there is also no way that he can learn from any teaching method. This is the first instance of clean vocals that we hear from Barney. The band also brings up the fact that when they say “one nation under GOD,” it is considered a fraud and a charade and that it serves no purpose. Society is seen as trying to limit people’s dreams and these themes are introduced in the song called Trio-Degradable/Affixed by Disconcern.

"The Infiltraitor"

The United States Can Learn How to Compose Quality Extreme Heavy Metal

The United States had its best days in the genre of death metal from about 1986 through 1995 or so but after that other nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland just got better as the United States started to get more mainstream and failed at least half the time. If you are going to experiment with death metal, THIS is how you do it!

Words from the Exit Wound Songs 7-11

Ulterior Exterior is musically something that resembles mid 1990’s death metal and the message in this song is that those people that have ulterior motives will lose in the end as violent criminals will only bring themselves to a lower level. Words from the Exit Wound is definitely experimental in nature but they have not lost their aggressiveness with Barney’s voice. Napalm Death will come at music fans in a brutal way musically even when they experiment. Napalm Death in this album also are critical of the status quo, the current established political order as they are opposed to what is called “the same old song.” If that has nothing to do with politics, then what is it about? This is a philosophical question that Barney asks in the song called Sceptic in Perspective. We will get back to discussing this song shortly but for now, let us continue our journey through this album by discussing the very good melodic song called None the Wiser. At certain times in our lives, maturity is necessary to wipe our slate clean so we can get a fresh start in life even when we are in no need to dress to impress. Clutching at Barbs is a short song that basically tries to warn us about being too intoxicated. Too much alcohol in the body can lead to convulsions, dizziness, slurred speech, and eventually death.

Partial Discography of Napalm Death

Year Released
Album Title
Harmony Corruption
Utopia Banished
Fear, Emptiness, Despair
Inside the Torn Apart
Words from the Exit Wound

More About the Song Septic in Perspective

As we end this solid album, Septic in Perspective is a song that addresses specifically what politicians do to try and convince people to support them. They have this master plan for getting into office. The song says that it is fashion that talks but in reality it is money that talks as these politicians (not all of them) are under the influence of lobbyists, special interest groups and other forces as the same cycle continues to repeat itself. I just feel that politicians are under enormous pressure to appeal to the groups that helped them get into power and there are some that really want to help their citizens but they are never really given that chance.

"None the Wiser"

How Good is the Album "Words from the Exit Wound?"

Having said that, "Words from the Exit Wound" is a solid experimental death metal album from England’s best extreme metal band. Is it a better album than Utopia Banished? Wow that is so hard to say but it is definitely more musically diverse than that one.

"Thrown Down a Rope"

"Septic in Perspective"

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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