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Review of the Album "Zombie Attack" by German Thrash Metal Band Tankard

Updated on September 9, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Andreas Geremia of the Band Tankard Sounds Like a Better Version of Dave Mustaine

German thrash metal band Tankard introduced to us their hard-hitting style of thrash metal starting in 1986 and even for that time, the album Zombie Attack is a pretty darn good one! Vocalist Andreas Geremia (Gerre) has been a part of the band’s journey since the start of the band’s career. I notice that he sounds a bit like Dave Mustaine in his early days but he does a better job vocally than Dave Mustaine does.


Disadvantage for Tankard's Debut Album "Zombie Attack"

A possible con for the album could be that the chorus parts are repeated several times which could turn off some metal fans.

Songs 1 Through 3 on the Album "Zombie Attack"

The album begins with the title track and this one features some people watching an unpleasant film about zombies. There are noises that resemble the grunt of a loud monster. There is also the sound of a lady screaming and then a few more screams are heard before the heaviness sets in and I am reminded of the Metallica influence right away. The riff is similar to the song Metal Militia in some way. The song Mercenary is just as the title implies. These mercenaries however will try to get money even if it means killing people to get that money.

"Zombie Attack" Song Only

Why is the Album's Cover Different?

The album cover for Zombie Attack has photos of a skeleton, Count Dracula, and Frankenstein on it as they are watching the TV with a few people. This is interesting considering the fact that Tankard usually has album covers that have to do with drinking, partying, and having fun.

Maniac Forces is one of the Most influential Tankard Songs

Tankard’s lyrical themes tend to focus on humor and politics especially in the song called Maniac Forces.

This song was written at the time of the Cold War when the United States and the Soviet Union were having what is called a nuclear arms race. There was a big concern that these tensions could lead to World War 3. No matter how many weapons these countries have, it seems to never be enough as one country tries to accuse, blackmail, and dominate another. These two mentioned nations were doing this up until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. That is why countries should take steps to ensure that we live in a world that is safer. There is also an early Metallica influence in the next song. Does anyone remember the song Hit the Lights?

How is Tankard Different from Other Similar Bands?

The case can be made that Tankard was the German band that kind of set themselves apart from other thrash bands in the sense that they were the band that focused primarily on lyrical themes having to do with drinking, partying, and just having a great time. I don’t really notice any other band in my lifetime of music listening that has focused primarily on such lyrical themes.

The Song Called "Chains"

Songs 6 Through 10 and Conclusion

Empty Tankard is influenced by early Judas Priest. The song is about having a party with friends the whole night as the fun seems to never stop. If we celebrate and have a party with our friends we must act responsibly.

Chains is another fast song in the series of fast thrash songs in this album. The song is about making sure people are careful to avoid the gangs that are coming to snuff out people’s lives. The song Poison is a song that is similar in riffing to Metallica’s Motorbreath song. It is a song about a husband that is so angry with his wife that he wants to kill her by poisoning her. For Tankard, their debut Zombie Attack is a solid, rough debut and they would only get better as their career progressed. The album is not as good as Master of Puppets, another thrash metal album released in 1986 but it is still a solid kind of heaviness that isn't boring.

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© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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