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Review of the Black Metal Album Called Khronos

Updated on February 23, 2018

Rotting Christ the Band's Logo


Introduction to the Album Khronos

Khronos is the 6th studio album by Greek black metal band Rotting Christ released in the year 2000. The vocal style of vocalist and guitarist Sakis Tolis is still very much of a low, growling nature as the band’s dark atmosphere still continues to dominate their songs. The first song is fast and the drumming resembles Finnish black metal band Impaled Nazarene. It seems that every few days, I review albums from a band that is from a different country than the week before or a few days before. Today, that country is Greece, a country that I would assume the majority of heavy metal fans don’t give much thought to.

Khronos Album Review Part 1

The style of these Greek guys is of a heavy, atmospheric, and sometimes symphonic kind of black metal. But what is on the album Khronos is really high quality black metal even if we cannot always understand the vocals. One example of this is the song called My Sacred Path. The song called Aeternatus is a song about a spirit or soul searching for a human body to inhabit after searching for three thousand years. There are those of us that believe in past lives and reincarnation and it is possible that there are spirits that are constantly given many lives so that they could learn important lessons. The first song called Thou Art Blind has a symphonic feel to it similar to Norway’s Dimmu Borgir. The song called If it Ends Tomorrow is a philosophical look at how when we get older the emotions that we experience become rougher. We find that only we can make ourselves feel good and that no man will be able to help us be happy.

Why Does the Album Khronos Deserve a Review?

One of the reasons that I chose to review this album Khronos is because I really admire and respect that there is such a band like this in a country that has gone through so much hardship and the members from Rotting Christ stick to their roots and they don’t care what others think of them. Greece is a great country and I hope that they can get more talented bands to start playing in that country.

If It Ends Tomorrow

How is the Rest of the Album Khronos?

Law of the Serpent is a two minute instrumental that is every bit as dark as it is an instrumental that has low growling noises. The guitar work sounds like late 1980’s Testament. Greece is not as large as the United States but I’m sure if I search about heavy metal bands from this country, there should be so much more than this band or the other very well-known Greek band called Septicflesh. Rotting Christ is a black metal band that has lyrical themes about Spiritual growth, death, loss, and loneliness but let’s look at the bigger picture here. They are not trying to promote Satanism in any way but they try to bring attention to the fact that humans have much potential to grow in a spiritual sense and that in life, there is birth, rebirth, and death. The title track called Khronos sounds a lot like Swedish band Hypocrisy. For Greek heavy metal fans, the band Rotting Christ is one of the best things to ever come from your country. Yes, Greece is a small country with not much going well for it if we read the news but the black metal genre has been enhanced because of these guys. The song called Fateless is a song about a certain force that can excite us yet at the same time it can make our lives very miserable. The final song called Glory of Sadness has a few minutes of silence before the start of another instrumental section and this section is dark, gloomy, whatever you want to call it.

Final Thoughts About the Album Khronos

The year 2000 was almost 20 years ago but this black metal band from Athens shows with the album Khronos that they can compose dark black metal that makes sense. Khronos beats 1999’s Sleep of the Angels and it is one of the finest albums in Greek heavy metal history! Even though Khronos is a very solid album even with songs such as Time Stands Still, it still is not as good as 1997’s A Dead Poem. Time does not stand still and passes us by but with this album review, the world will see that there are in fact good metal bands in Greece.


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