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' Murder 2': Trade Mark Mahesh Bhatt Film.Sex and Sleaze

Updated on December 23, 2017

A Thriller from Mahesh Bhatt

The original movie ‘Murder’ was a hit and was tribute to the direction of Mahesh Bhatt. He has now followed up with a sequel to that movie titled ‘Murder 2’. The movie 'Murder2' as the name suggests is a crime thriller from the stable of the Bhatt brothers Kean and Mahesh.

The movie show cases a serial killer who kills women who work as call girls and women of easy virtue. He is finally tracked by an ex-cop played by Iran Hashmi .The movie is a taut narrative and has excellent direction, which is the hallmark of Mahesh Bhatt who is a veteran in the Mumbai film world. Some of the love scenes in the movie are excellent and photographed with finesse. All credit to Bhatt for shooting them and also to the actors Imran and Jacqueline Fernandez who have acted the scenes with poignancy and finesse. I think these scenes are some of the best shot ever and the chemistry between the lead players is excellent.

Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

The Movie

The movie is fast-paced and shows that Bollywood is fast catching up with Hollywood in technical expertise and direction. All credit to Mahesh Bhatt for it. Once you watch a Bhatt movie one can forget about the lead stars as they will always be the lower end stars at the spectrum and concentrate on the movie itself which is a showcase of the ability of Mahesh Bhatt. The music is low key and for a change, there are very few songs. The narrative is excellent and the depiction of the actors in their roles a feather in the cap of the director.

The movie is shot in Goa the Indian paradise and has excellent locales. Imran Hashmi does justice to his role as the ex-cop who has slipped to the other side of the law, while the Srl Lankan Girl Jacqueline Fernandez is excellent. Incidentally, she has been a calendar girl and a showcase model earlier. Jackie brings an aura of sex appeal coupled with good histrionics. The movie is a trademark Bhatt movie and Bollywood must feel proud that the new genre of movies is certainly Hollywood’s peer.


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