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Review of the Episode "a Star Is Lost" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on January 31, 2021
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Brief Synopsis of the Episode "A Star is Lost"

"A Star is Lost" is the episode following "The Ruby" in the cartoon Inspector Gadget and this episode involves the world's most famous police inspector assigned to protect musician Rick Rocker. Inspector Gadget's mission is to protect Rick Rocker at all costs because Gadget's main foe Dr. Claw has plans to kidnap Rick Rocker, hold him for ransom and brainwash millions of rock music fans through a device that looks like a record player but it is not a real record player. The device actually uses records but anyone who is exposed to the machine's sound gets sleepy very quickly. These sleepy people are very easy for Dr. Claw to handle. So Inspector Gadget really has his hands full in this episode. Note: near the end of the episode, Inspector Gadget breaks this sort of spell by falling headfirst onto the record player when he reaches the warehouse.

Funny and Memorable Moments in "A Star is Lost"

It is pretty accurate to mention that no Inspector Gadget episode would be complete without mentioning that there are funny or hilarious moments in these episodes that put that extra fun into it. In this episode, the Inspector is in a room full of instruments that are designed to eliminate him. In one part, he sees a harp that is flashing but he does not realize that it is an electric harp that can give him a major shock. With that stated, here is a memorable quote from the episode:

"I hope you like electric harps Gadget!"

Dr. Claw

What Happens to Inspector Gadget When He Tries to Play the Harp?

Inspector Gadget tries to play the harp but he uses his mallet and hits the harp ruining it. The harp gets destroyed and the building gets dark as all the fuses become blown. Whether it is by dumb luck or just fortune, Inspector Gadget temporarily prevents himself from getting seriously hurt. Which leads us into discussing the real action part of the episode.

"A Star is Lost" Episode Video

How Does This Case Get Solved?

Inspector Gadget's clever and savvy niece Penny programs the Gadget van to drive her uncle and Brain to the warehouse where all the action is set to take place while Inspector Gadget remains in a hospital due to symptoms of electric shock that he suffered while ending up on the stage in the place where Rick Rocker's concert was supposed to take place. Brain and through Inspector Gadget's chance kind of luck avoids disaster. As Inspector Gadget prepares to play with the piano in the warehouse, a series of sharp objects are released and head towards the door of the room that Brain closes just in time before they are about to hit him. Inspector Gadget has a liking for the cello and makes reference to it throughout the episode's duration. The case gets solved when Inspector Gadget frees himself by activating his Gadget coat when he is tightly wrapped up in tape and is moving towards the very dangerous record press machine. Brain saves Penny from being crushed barely in time.

This piano symbolizes the one that Inspector Gadget tries to play in the episode while sitting down on a chair.
This piano symbolizes the one that Inspector Gadget tries to play in the episode while sitting down on a chair. | Source

Some Thoughts About the Title of the Episode A Star is Lost

Even though the creators of Inspector Gadget named the episode "A Star is Lost," they could have titled the episode "Rick Rocker is Lost" but I guess they wanted to have a simple title and get viewers tuned into the show.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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