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Review of the Episode Called "Funny Money" From the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on September 19, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

What is the Episode Funny Money About?

“Funny Money” is another episode from the first season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget. This episode has a similarity to the episodes All That Glitters, N.S.F. Gadget, and some others that I probably cannot think of right now. Funny Money follows the two very good episodes before it, one of which is Did You Myth Me. In Funny Money, the mission of Inspector Gadget is to investigate why three members of a counterfeiting gang have escaped from the penitentiary and why Dr. Claw is asking them to print millions of dollars in fake money.

Packs of Money Symbolizing the Main Theme of the Episode "Funny Money"


What Character Has a Prominent Role in This Episode "Funny Money"

Gadget has to deal with a clumsy and visually challenged agent named Squint. Squint has two other agents working with him but Squint has a sort of prominent role in the episode after Inspector Gadget accidentally knocks the glasses off of his eyes with his mallet. Squint is then unable to see even with his glasses, citing that they have become useless. Squint is the main person of the three men trying to get rid of Gadget.

"Funny Money" Episode Brief Summary

The episode has the main character Inspector Gadget visiting the area where the funny money gang has already set up their operations but Gadget does not realize that these people are working for Dr. Claw and that they are printing millions of dollars in fake money to use the money to defraud the whole world. The walls of the prison where the Inspector ends up being in are drawn having the symbols of dollar bills. Dr. Claw is so excited that he feels that he will have enough money by the next morning to buy entire countries. The three members that are working for Dr. Claw lure Inspector Gadget into the main area where the printing press is. Once again, Gadget does not realize that these agents are trying to get rid of him. Squint even locks Gadget up in a room and sets up a device designed to destroy him. Inspector Gadget thinks that he is in that room for a softness test! He suspects his dog Brain is an agent of Dr. Claw and chases him down (pretty typical of Gadget to confuse allies for foes). Penny and Brain escape the complex of buildings as Squint and the other two men try to escape with several big bags of money in them. Gadget follows the three men by attaching his arms to the helicopter. They try to knock him off by throwing a money bag at him but Gadget is able to avoid that object being thrown at him. Because of the fact that Squint can no longer see well, the chance of there being a chopper crash is very likely. Penny realizes this and overrides the helicopter’s controls. The helicopter is then sent back to police headquarters.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode Funny Money

"You failed twice! Get Gadget!"

Dr. Claw angrily speaks to one of his agents that has failed to get rid of Gadget.

"This shortcut is more like a short circuit!"

"I knew this was a shortcut."

Inspector Gadget when he is hanging on to the helicopter

Final Thoughts About the Episode Funny Money

Overall, Funny Money is a good episode but it is not as good as A Bad Altitude or Did You Myth Me. Nonetheless, there is a very important safety tip at the end of the episode which covers the importance of regular eye examinations especially for those people that are near-sighted. Good vision is very important and those of us that can still see with our eyes should be very grateful.

Final rating for the episode Funny Money: 80 out of 100 points

"Funny Money"

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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