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Review of the Episode Called "Gadget's Replacement" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on June 24, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"Gadget's Replacement" and the Significance of the Episode Compared to Real Life

"Gadget's Replacement" is more than just the 23rd episode of the first season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget. It is an episode that was certainly ahead of its time when it first aired on October 11, 1983. Why are we writing about this episode? This is because this episode showed that technology advances happen very quickly and people lose their jobs without advance notice. The hero Inspector Gadget upon arriving at his boss Chief Quimby's office by way of a garbage can that has a passageway is told about a new computer that has the ability to track crimes that are being committed in Metro City. However, Gadget is forced to retire from active duty and he is really shocked at being told that they won't be needing his services any longer. This news is obviously very shocking for Inspector Gadget who is in total disbelief.

Inspector Gadget in Gadget's Replacement

Significance of "Gadget's Replacement" Continued

This episode is a classic example of what happens to many people in real life. Jobs become obsolete and they are replaced by automation or other jobs. If there is anything that this episode can teach us about real life it is that technology changes and any one of us can lose our jobs at any time. But don't despair. With persistence, any one of us can get back on our feet like Inspector Gadget does.

Inspector Gadget Goes Job Hunting

Inspector Gadget who is now out of a job and really dejected, goes job hunting. He first works as a shoe salesman but he is fired after trying to fit the shoe on his first customer. He then gets a job in a restaurant as a dishwasher. However, he loses that job also because the dishes pile up and they all fall down and crash to the floor. He then applies for a job as a window washer. He is instructed by the manager to wash each window and each successfully washed window would give Gadget 25 cents. However, his do Brain is hiding in a bucket that slides off of the conveyor or lift. Gadget uses his Gadget copter to try and retrieve it but his copter stops functioning in the air. As he is descending down the building slowly he is suspected by a woman of being a peeping tom. He then collides with his manager, losing his third job.

Memorable Quotes from Gadget's Replacement

"Brain! Come back with that newspaper! I need the address to apply!"

"Wowsers! But Chief fighting crime's my whole life. Besides, what can this machine do that i can't?"

Inspector Gadget

"Gadget's Replacement" Video Clip

This photo symbolizes what Inspector Gadget must do when he loses his job as a police inspector. He is forced to go job hunting in order to pay the rent.
This photo symbolizes what Inspector Gadget must do when he loses his job as a police inspector. He is forced to go job hunting in order to pay the rent. | Source

How Does Inspector Gadget Become Saved and Back Into Metro City's Police Force?

Inspector Gadget although he is sitting in a park in Metro City despondent and not sure where his life will go from here, he is eventually saved due to the investigative work by his niece Penny who is able to eventually listen in to the conversations that Dr. Claw is having with his agents. This happens while his agents go into gold vaults and steal them. Meanwhile, the crime computer is controlled by Dr. Claw and and a twist of the controls dispatches the entire Metro City Police force after Gadget. Brain realizes that Penny has been interrupted by the signals and leads Gadget back to Chief Quimby's office. However, Gadget thinks that Brain wants him to take him for a walk. Gadget sees that the phone is off the hook. He thinks that the crime computer should be turned off, citing the reason as a waste of electricity. He is trying to fix the crime computer but instead he ends up destroying it instead. He is looking for the off switch and does not find it at all. Brain takes off the main power source with his teeth so agents of Dr. Claw cannot figure out what is going on. Dr. Claw sends his agents to try and fix the computer. Once Chief Quimby orders every officer to go back to the office, he has Dr. Claw's agents arrested. This happens even though it was Gadget that destroyed the computer. When you are well liked and admired by your boss for your fine work over the years, you get all the lucky breaks. Chief Quimby says that Inspector Gadget is worth a hundred computers to him. Gadget is welcomed back into the police force and thus, gets his old job back! If someone loses their job these days, they will likely not get it back but let this episode be a reminder that you can get back on your feet even if life seems bleak.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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