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Review of the Episode Called "Smeldorado" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on February 18, 2024
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Introduction to "Smeldorado" the 54th Episode of Inspector Gadget

The episode called Smeldorado in the cartoon Inspector Gadget holds a special sort of significance in the history of the entertainment industry. Yes, Inspector Gadget was only an animated cartoon but many of the episodes created were applicable to events in real life. Yes, we could review the entire episode from start to finish but that would only provide a summary of the episode. The focus is to describe why this episode is so significant many years after it was first aired. While the previous episode focused on what happens when there is a drought, this episode focuses on gold and what happens to it when the gold’s molecular structure is altered.

These gold blocks represent the blocks of gold that are present in the episode "Smeldorado."
These gold blocks represent the blocks of gold that are present in the episode "Smeldorado." | Source

What is the Episode "Smeldorado" About?

The episode "Smeldorado" is basically about a plan devised by the main villain Dr. Claw to use the gold in Metro City by first applying a spray that gives off a bad smell and then to detoxify the gold so that he could smuggle the gold out of the country for his own purposes.The organization known as M.A.D. has invented a substance that alters the molecular structure of gold and causes it to smell very bad. Dr. Claw also has creative genius in him for being able to devise such schemes.

Episode Synopsis for "Smeldorado" and the Significance Of It

So the hero Inspector Gadget is assigned to investigate the reasons why the gold at Fort Bricks is smelling so bad. Note: even though the actual spelling of this place is Fort Brix, I chose to use Fort Bricks to make it easier for readers to follow along.

This episode is significant because it provides insight into the value of gold. Gold is so valuable that it represents power and wealth. Throughout history, gold has been sought after not just as a very valuable form of currency but it has also represented resources, things that people and nations have always fought over. In the episode, viewers can see that the vault in Metro City has enough gold in it to buy entire countries!

Inspector Gadget Does Not Realize That Dr. Stench Is an Agent Working for Dr. Claw

The hero Inspector Gadget in this episode has a cold. Inspector Gadget does not realize that the doctor is actually working for Dr. Claw. The episode is also sort of weird because how do viewers expect the hero to be able to know what is going on with the gold if he cannot smell anything? As usual, because of the creative investigative hard work by Gadget’s niece Penny, the gold is saved and as usual, Gadget gets credit for solving the case.

Inspector Gadget Does Not Realize the True Role of the Character Dr. Stench

Inspector Gadget is actually thinking or is under the assumption that Dr. Stench is a medical doctor!

Main Importance of Episode #54 "Smeldorado"

The main importance of this episode is the value of gold and of course as we hear in the beginning of the episode, gold that smells bad would have no value on international markets. So there you have it for why the episode Smeldorado is so significant as it applies to real life even though it is an animated cartoon episode.

"Smeldorado" Full Episode

Memorable Quotes from the Episode "Smeldorado" from Inspector Gadget and Analysis of Them

"Boy, trains sure run on a tight schedule."

"I'd better talk to that guy about driving safety."

These are quotes by the character Inspector Gadget when the tracks are switched and in the end of the episode when the truck is jammed due to the brilliant work of Penny. What is meant by that is that when Penny tries to stop Dr. Stench and the other agents from stealing the gold, she uses her computer to lock their bumpers so that they cannot escape.

A Few Interesting Facts About the 54th Episode

  • In this episode, the dog Brain is disguised as a janitor.
  • The title of this episode is a play on words, referring to El Dorado, the city of gold.
  • Fort Bricks is actually a parody of Fort Knox which is a military stronghold in Kentucky with gold in it.

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