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Review of the Episode "Clear Case" in the Animated Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on April 18, 2021
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"Clear Case" Episode Synopsis

In what has been a sort of tradition or process of covering episodes of the cartoon Inspector Gadget, Clear Case is the 32nd episode of that cartoon series where the main character Inspector Gadget is assigned by his boss Chief Quimby to travel to South Africa. Gadget must discover the reasons why miners in South Africa are not working. It is said that the miners are scared of ghosts but there is another force at work. Causing this fear is a scientist that uses diamond dust to create suits of invisibility so that Dr. Claw’s agents can travel around without even being seen. Note: it would be later in the history of this show that viewers would see any reference to ghosts and it would be in the episode called Ghost Catchers in the second season of Inspector Gadget.

Once Again, Gadget's Niece Penny is the Person That Discovers Dr. Claw's Plan

However, instead of really getting to the bottom of the case, Gadget becomes busy chasing around an ostrich whom he accuses of impersonating a ghost. Penny travels deep into the diamond mine where she discovers the laboratory where the diamonds are put through a machine that grinds them. These diamonds are made into diamond dust which is then used to create invisibility suits. Penny tries to hide when she sees that scientist entering the lab but she gets captured, tied up to a rope and she is on a conveyor belt when she finds a way to get out of that predicament. She actually uses the laser to cut the rope off of her hands. But she sees a door next to the train tracks which happens to be a secret passageway that ends up leading to a few doors, one of them which is the main laboratory for the invisibility suits.

"Clear Case"

A diamond which is also one of the main objects that we see in the episode "Clear Case."
A diamond which is also one of the main objects that we see in the episode "Clear Case." | Source

Interesting Facts or Observations About the Episode Clear Case

  • In this episode, Inspector Gadget does not get the usual standard call from Chief Quimby. The Chief happens to be in the area where Gadget is and he sees Gadget at the diamond store.
  • The episode has an interesting jazz style song which is used in the episodes The Boat, A Star is Lost, and Basic Training.
  • The episode Photo Safari also takes place in Africa.
  • Even though Inspector Gadget claims that there are no such things as ghosts, he shows that on some level he fears them.
  • On his way to the mine, the Inspector is traveling when he hears a noise and thinks that miners are working in the diamond mine but actually it is the scientist that is using rockets to try and eliminate Gadget.
  • That Scientist sends what he calls a welcome wagon and the wagon bumps into Gadget but he somehow escapes harm. Is that coincidence, luck, or is he just strong?

Overall rating for the episode Clear Case: 78 points out of 100

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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