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Review of the Episode "Don’t Hold Your Breath" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on December 18, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.


Introduction to the Episode Don't Hold Your Breath and the Main Synopsis

There are some cartoons in which many years after they first aired, they deserve praise and respect. One such cartoon is Inspector Gadget. The episode called “Don’t Hold Your Breath” is the 38th episode of the first season and this one is the one after the very entertaining Plantform of the Opera. Note: at first thought, it looked like there would be no more episode reviews of Inspector Gadget done by me but here is another one of them. The mission for the bionic Inspector Gadget is to investigate the disappearance of oceanographers working for the government. The other part of the investigation for Inspector Gadget is to make sure that Dr. Claw does not use the satellite to transmit military secrets to suit his diabolical schemes.

Memorable Quotes from the episode Don’t Hold Your Breath

“Boy they should take him for a walk more often.” Inspector Gadget

“Your boat had a small leak.”

But it’s brand new.”

“Was brand new.”

Inspector Gadget communicates with the man at the harbor that rents boats to customers.

"Don't Hold Your Breath"

The Episode Don't Hold Your Breath Has a Similarity to a Previous Episode

As was mentioned earlier for one of the previous episodes called Volcano Island, Inspector Gadget is once again pursued by a mechanical shark while he is going boating by himself in the harbor. The shark bites into the boat so quickly that the Inspector does not realize what just happened. He loses three boats and ends up in the body of the mechanical shark and he then thinks that it gets dark fast, not realizing that he is actually in the body of the shark. Inspector Gadget ends up being transported to the underwater city where Dr. Claw has set up his missile base. The Inspector does not even realize that the agent dressed up as a mermaid is trying to eliminate him. He tricks the Inspector into thinking that he (the mermaid) is the one that will help the Inspector free the captured oceanographers but instead he pushes the Inspector into the water when the mechanical octopus then begins to try and suffocate the Inspector. Whether it is by some random luck or help, the octopus ends up activating the Inspector’s coat by pulling on one of the buttons.

Penny is the Person That Once Again Solves the Case

This episode involves quite a bit of stealth used by the Inspector’s niece Penny as she is very clever and hides in the back of a large submarine as a few of Dr. Claw’s agents use the submarine to travel all the way to the missile base. She then proceeds to enter a large control room when Dr. Claw announces that there should be preparations for the launch of the missile. Penny knows that she has to work very quickly and she manages to make sure that the missile does not hit its target. In fact, she overrides Dr. Claw’s controls as the missile comes out of the water and the dives right back into the water, destroying the missile base for good. Of course, Inspector Gadget once again gets the credit from his boss Chief Quimby for solving the case but…

The person that really solved this case was Penny as Inspector Gadget thinks that the agents of Dr. Claw are people from an underwater city that he found.

Final Thoughts About the Episode and Inspector Gadget

If nothing else, cartoons such as Inspector Gadget can serve as a coping mechanism for some people to cope with life’s challenges by getting in a very good laugh. The end of the episode has a safety tip that says that even small cuts and scrapes need to be treated as well otherwise there is a risk of infection.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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