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Review of the Episode "Mad Trap" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on July 23, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Some Information About the Episode "MAD Trap"

MAD Trap is more than just the 20th episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget. It is also the first time in the series that Frank Welker does not do the voice of Dr. Claw. Doing the voice of Dr. Claw for this episode and a few others in the series is Don Francks, father of actress Cree Summer Francks who does the voice of Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny in the first season of the show. The episode’s title is appropriately titled because Dr. Claw and his agents (only one in this episode) want to do whatever they can to trap Inspector Gadget so that he cannot escape.

Note: the spelling of the episode can also be written like this: M.A.D. Trap.

But nonetheless, the episode is the first episode without the brilliant voice acting of Frank Welker doing the usual voice of the character Dr. Claw.

Inspector Gadget is More Clever and Smart in This Episode

The episode shows Inspector Gadget being more clever and skillful than he is usually portrayed in the show. This is one of the few times in the series that our lovable hero Inspector Gadget shows his intelligence and reasoning skills. This was a way for the creators of Inspector Gadget to make the show creative by including some kind of variety other than showing the Inspector as some clueless and bumbling detective.

Brief Synopsis of This 20th Episode and the Role of "The Rat"

In this episode, actor Frank Welker does the voice of the agent called “The Rat” which Dr. Claw hires so that he can go all around Metro City and start a crime spree. The goal of Dr. Claw’s organization MAD is to keep Inspector Gadget on his toes and somehow lead him to his doom. Dr. Claw tells his pet cat that Gadget always shows up at the scene of the crime. Dr. Claw instructs “The Rat” to leave a note style paper at the scene of every place that he goes to loot and ransack. That paper has the MAD insignia on it.

One Interesting Fact About Inspector Gadget's Role and the Papers

However, Inspector Gadget thinks that these papers are calling cards. He seems to understand how the mind of Dr. Claw’s agent The Rat works.

About "The Rat," Inspector Gadget, and Brain

“The Rat” is so fast that not even Inspector Gadget is able to catch up to him when he finally arrives at a sheet metal factory where Dr. Claw attempts to trap him by using a magnet to try and catch him first. Dr. Claw attempts to boil Inspector Gadget in a pot of hot oil but Gadget’s dog Brain notices where the tank valve is and he shuts it off before Dr. Claw can do anything to Gadget.

The Episodes in Which Don Francks Does the Voice of Dr. Claw

MAD Trap
Basic Training
Gadget Goes West
The Coo Coo Clock Caper

"MAD Trap" Full Episode

Interesting Fact #2 Gadget Gives His Boss Chief Quimby a Message to Read

This episode is also the only time in which Inspector Gadget gives his boss Chief Quimby a message to read. Chief Quimby is sitting at a park in Metro City feeding some birds because the amount of crime in Metro City has dropped so much that his headquarters are closed until further notice. As usual, the message does indeed self-destruct with the only difference being that the person giving the message is different.


Final Analysis of the Episode "MAD Trap"

In this episode besides her usual investigative work, Penny wakes up one morning and starts to analyze the same kind of map that Dr. Claw was using in the beginning of the episode. As she is analyzing the map attempting to understand why Dr. Claw’s agents would be involved in petty crimes, she notices the time and ends up having to rush just to get to school. At school, Penny’s art teacher tells her that she should use more red coloring on her map to make her art come alive. Penny smiles and connects the dots on the map using a red paintbrush. In this episode, Inspector Gadget uses his quickness to save Brain and Penny from the hot oil that Dr. Claw wants to drop on them. In a way, Inspector Gadget acts like a true superhero in this episode making MAD Trap one of the more interesting episodes of the first season of Inspector Gadget.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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