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Review of the Episode "Magic Gadget" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on May 25, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

This stack of dollar bills symbolizes one of the main things that is very valuable in the episode Magic Gadget.
This stack of dollar bills symbolizes one of the main things that is very valuable in the episode Magic Gadget. | Source

"Magic Gadget" Is Episode #66 for the Original Inspector Gadget TV Series

Magic Gadget is the next episode of the cartoon series Inspector Gadget that we will review and analyze as we take a trip down memory lane as the famous phrase goes. This episode marks the debut of voice actors Holly Berger and Maurice Lamarche and they do the voices of Penny and Chief Qumby.

What Is the Main Plot of "Magic Gadget?"

The bumbling police inspector is doing work in the yard when a large limousine pulls up in the driveway of the Gadget family home. In this episode, Dr. Claw sends the magician The Great Wambini and his assistant The Lesser Wambini after the Inspector so that these guys can eliminate him during a magic show as the plan is to make the bank vaults disappear.

It Seems Like Dr. Claw Is Going to Win This Time

During the early stages of the performance at the theater, The Great Wambini mentions that there are two vaults, one of them has gold bullion in it and the other one has real money in it and he needs the help of someone from the audience. Inspector Gadget volunteers to help him out, completely unaware that there is a plan to make him disappear. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Inspector Gadget does not want to believe that the Wambinis are agents of Dr. Claw that are looking for ways to get the bank’s money and to eliminate the Inspector. The Great Wambini who shows that he is a pretty good magician uses his powers to create smoke to distract the inspector. Two agents of Dr. Claw pull the vaults from above. The Great Wambini is so successful that he pulls off a trick that makes Inspector Gadget “disappear” as a fake version of Inspector Gadget comes out of the second coffin. The two agents had switched the two vaults putting in fake gold and money earlier. Will Dr. Claw triumph over Inspector Gadget this time? It sure seems like Dr. Claw is finally going to prevail against his biggest foe but of course, that is not what happens here.


"Magic Gadget" Synopsis Continued

The Inspector at this point is transferred to a mansion as the Great Wambini attempts to get rid of him by trying to drown him or by attempting to saw him in half. Neither of these attempts works. The Inspector as usual chases the wrong person. He is chasing his own dog Brain. Penny discovers where the stolen money is and she attempts to walk out of the room with it but the bag is so heavy that she trips and falls. The agents wake up and chase her around the mansion as the two Wambinis escape. It is Penny that discovers the stolen money thus foiling the plans of Dr. Claw once again.

2 Interesting Things Occur in the Episode "Magic Gadget"

There are a few interesting things that do occur in Magic Gadget. One of those interesting things is that Dr. Claw is seen lifting very heavy blocks of stone. The other interesting aspect of the episode is that as the inspector goes to the bottom floor of the theater to get popcorn, he discovers that his boss Chief Quimby has been hiding in the popcorn maker! One wonders how he was even allowed to get inside of the popcorn machine without being scolded. Magic Gadget is an appropriate name for this cartoon episode because the episode takes place in a theater where a magic show takes place.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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