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Review of the Episode "Pirate Island" Episode 41 in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on August 25, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Introduction to "Pirate Island"

“Pirate Island” is the 41st episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and with this review and analysis; we will have wrapped up coverage of all of the episodes from #40 through #49. In this episode, Inspector Gadget and his family are on vacation in the Caribbean because the inspector has rented what turns out to be a very old boat that gets stranded out at sea. The boat gets stranded when the Inspector goes to check the fuel tank. Instead, he pulls out a water storage tank from under the boat causing the boat to sink. He then puts out a distress signal.

In the Episode Pirate Island as Penny is on the Big Ship With the Billionaires


What is the Main Plot Concept in Pirate Island?

A few tourists that are billionaires and a boat captain named Captain Malcolm rescues the Inspector, later realizing that he rescued Dr. Claw’s main foe. The billionaires that are on the Pirate Island Fun Tour are being bribed and coerced into signing their fortunes. Inspector Gadget must do what he can to prevent the signatures from getting to Dr. Claw.

Analysis: How Many Times Are These Billionaires Told to Sign the Papers?

The billionaires think that they will have fun but what they are about to find out is that this tour that they went on is going to be anything but a tour.

According to my count, these billionaires are told three times to sign their fortunes while finally agreeing to sign them on the third request if we can even call it a request. The first time they are told to sign over their fortunes when they have just been kidnapped. The second time they are told that if they don’t sign their fortunes they will not be able to leave Skull Island.

Pirate Island: Funny Moment #1

However, the episode is not as good as King Wrong but it does have a few funny and memorable moments.

The first funny moment in Pirate Island is when Inspector Gadget is traveling up in the air because he has his coat activated and Brain is hanging onto him. Inspector Gadget goes up too far and makes contact with a sharp needle, tearing his coat. Inspector Gadget is then flying through the air as his coat slowly deflates. Brain rescues him and prevents him from getting injured by covering him with a net. It is the noises that Inspector Gadget’s character makes that are funny in this episode.

Pirate Island: Funny Moment #2

The other sort of funny moment in Pirate Island is when the female pirate agent Pegleg Peg captures the Inspector as they are dragging him along and he says his famous catchphrase “wowsers.”

Interesting Observation for the Episode Pirate Island

There is a lady billionaire that thinks Inspector Gadget is cute and that she considers him to be his hero. All four of these billionaires are oblivious to what is going on and they think that they are on Skull Island to have fun and adventure.

How Does This Case Involving the Billionaires Get Solved?

Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny rescues the billionaires after they have been captured and coerced into signing over their fortunes. They were reluctant at first to sign their fortunes because they did not want the adventure to end. It may very well be that these billionaires get fooled into thinking that they will be a part of the tour the next year so they sign the papers. The case gets solved when Penny rescues these captured billionaires and tells them that she is part of the fun and now it is their turn to catch the pirates. Penny is able to override the controls of the motorcycle, saving her uncle as he was being dragged through the island as Captain Malcolm, Pegleg Peg and the other agents of Dr. Claw are captured.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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