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Review of the Episode "Plantform of the Opera" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on June 4, 2021
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

This photo symbolizes what the main character Inspector Gadget is looking at in the beginning of the episode and he is looking at a photo of a pizza with several ingredients.
This photo symbolizes what the main character Inspector Gadget is looking at in the beginning of the episode and he is looking at a photo of a pizza with several ingredients. | Source

About the Episode Plantform of the Opera and the Concept Behind the Golden Pizza

Plantform of the Opera is the 37th episode of the first season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and the title of it is based on the Phantom of the Opera. This episode has Inspector Gadget traveling in Rome, Italy where he sees a huge pizza palace owned by what is described as an eccentric pizza king. What ingredients does this pizza have? It has pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, anchovies, and black olives. In the episode, Inspector Gadget is assigned to find out about the new metal melting weapon. Agents of Dr. Claw use a unique plant that has the ability to melt anything that is made out of metal so that they can get their hands on the Golden Pizza.

One Flaw About the Episode Plantform of the Opera

The pizza is described as a priceless artifact, but how can that pizza be a priceless artifact if Dr. Claw wants to get his hands on it? That is one of the flaws of the episode as the creators of this episode did not take that into consideration. Gadget finds out that he must join the opera in order to find out what Dr. Claw’s plot is.

Inspector Gadget Exits the Fountain in Plantform of the Opera

Inspector Gadget makes his exit from the fountain after reading the message from Chief Quimby.
Inspector Gadget makes his exit from the fountain after reading the message from Chief Quimby. | Source

A Brief Summary of What Happens in Plantform of the Opera and a Safety Tip

The plant described in this episode is a singing plant. There is also a machine that with its laser beams it can melt the pizza king’s vault. Gadget’s niece Penny tries to stop the laser from functioning but she ends up triggering an alarm. There is also an opera singer named Luciano that is working under Dr. Claw’s supervision and he is the person that came up with the idea of a singing plant. I thought it was very creative by the creators of Inspector Gadget to come up with the kind of title that they did come up with. The episode’s title is based off of a spoof of the very famous play mentioned earlier. At the conclusion of the episode, Gadget tells Chief Quimby about his interest in eating pizza. The end of the episode features a basic safety tip about health and sanitation. Before we eat any food, we must always first make sure to wash our hands.

"Plantform of the Opera"

Memorable Quotes From the Episode Plantform of the Opera

Dr. Claw

"What are you doing?"


"The alarm went off, someone's tampered with the dish."

Dr. Claw

"That's what the alarm is for! You two are supposed to get Gadget.


"Yes boss.

Dr. Claw

He's on stage, move!

Dr. Claw communicates with two of his agents when the alarm of the lasers starts to sound. The agents seem to act as if they are not sure what they are supposed to be doing.

"Dr. Claw, there's a stranger snooping around here."


In this scene, an agent of Dr. Claw is trying to notify him that there is an intruder in the vicinity.

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