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Review of the Episode "Race to the Finish" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on February 20, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

What is the Episode "Race to the Finish" Mainly About?

“Race to the Finish” is an episode in the cartoon Inspector Gadget that is a parody of the famous Indianapolis 500 auto races. The episode begins as the main hero Inspector Gadget wants to be able to enter the race but he thinks that such a move would not be fair to the other participants. Inspector Gadget’s wish shortly comes to fruition as his next assignment is to enter the Metropolis 500 and make sure that his main nemesis Dr. Claw does not win the race.

Inspector Gadget Reads His Assignment for the Mission


Is Inspector Gadget At Least Somewhat Useful? Yes, But Briefly

In this episode just like in the previous one called Haunted Castle Inspector Gadget shows at least some usefulness as he is forced to try and save his niece Penny and the family dog Brain from falling off of a cliff. Inspector Gadget saves them just barely in time as they get out of the trailer that they were trapped in because Dr. Claw had attempted to ambush them.

The Other Side of Inspector Gadget's Character is Quickly Shown Once Again

However, as is usually the case, Inspector Gadget returns to his normal form as a clueless detective unable to distinguish friend from foe. This leads us to one of the most memorable parts of the episode….

Memorable Quotes from the Episode Race to the Finish

“I’ll get you for this!”

“He’s waving thank you! Think nothing of it my good man, glad to be of service.”

Inspector Gadget communicates with Dr. Claw even though he has no recognition of him.

"C'mon MAD Cat we have to go now."

"What did I tell you about laughing?!"

Dr. Claw's pet cat is laughing and Dr. Claw doesn't like that for some reason.

Analysis of the Scene Described Above and Why This Scene is Significant to the Show

In this scene described above, Inspector Gadget thinks that Dr. Claw is waving thank you to him but in reality, Dr. Claw is ready to do what he can to get rid of him. What is so funny in this scene is the fact that Inspector Gadget is so out of it. He is so clueless that he does not even realize that Dr. Claw was right next to him during the first part of the race! In fact, even when Penny tells him that he gave Dr. Claw a taste of his own medicine, Inspector Gadget refuses to believe that Dr. Claw would even be in the race. It makes you wonder what it would take for Inspector Gadget to come to his senses and realize that Dr. Claw would actually be in the race to win and profit off of it.

Inspector Gadget Reads His Assignment

Why is Race to the Finish an Entertaining Episode?

Race to the Finish soon becomes an episode where there really is a race after all to get the grand prize as it becomes a very close race between Car #35 (The Gadget Mobile) and Car M-1 which is the vehicle operated by Dr. Claw. After a strange substance leaves Inspector Gadget in a situation where he is unable to drive his car straight as it swerves around, Penny realizes this and she is able to control the Gadget van via her computer book. The strange substance given to Inspector Gadget by one of Dr. Claw’s agents is actually a drink that made Inspector Gadget lose his fine motor skills and he becomes disoriented and sleepy. With Penny’s valuable help and Dr. Claw using his rockets to make his escape through the air, it actually turns out that Dr. Claw does not win the race even if he had crossed the finish line before the Inspector was able to. This is because the public address announcer then says that Car M-1 has to be disqualified because that vehicle left the ground. That is very fortunate news for Inspector Gadget and his boss Chief Quimby. However, since Inspector Gadget is on official duty, the Chief informs the racing community that his best agent cannot accept the grand prize. However, Race to the Finish overall is an enjoyable episode as Inspector Gadget triumphs over Dr. Claw.

"Race to the Finish"

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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