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Review of the Episode "School for Pickpockets" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on July 19, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

A View of the French Riviera the Scene of Episode #64


Where Does the Episode "School for Pickpockets" Take Place?

School for Pickpockets is more than just the 64th episode of the famous animated series Inspector Gadget. It is the second episode in the first season that sees the Gadget family makes a trip to France. This time, Inspector Gadget, his pet dog Brain, and his niece Penny are vacationing at a beach in the French Riviera.

Inspector Gadget Gets Access to a Powerful Invention and That Is a Very Special Kind of Watch

Recall that in the 59th episode called In Seine the Inspector had to travel to Paris. Inspector Gadget is instructed to meet with Professor Gizmo, a scientist that has created a very special watch. This watch has the power to freeze anything in place for 10 seconds. The meeting with Professor Gizmo was more than likely arranged by Inspector Gadget’s boss Chief Quimby even though the Chief contacts Gadget after his meeting with Professor Gizmo. Professor Gizmo warns the Inspector twice about not allowing the watch to get into the wrong hands. The Inspector tells him not to worry but as will be proven, the Professor has every reason to be concerned about the safety of that powerful weapon.

A Photo of a Pants Pocket

One of the most important lessons that we can learn from this episode is that we have to be careful of pickpockets especially while we are on vacation.
One of the most important lessons that we can learn from this episode is that we have to be careful of pickpockets especially while we are on vacation. | Source

A Brief Synopsis of the Episode School for Pickpockets

The main villain of the series Dr. Claw has assembled a group of crafty thieves whose goal is to steal the watch given to Inspector Gadget so that they can freeze everyone in place and take over the carnival in Nice, France. Le Dipp, the main agent of the Le Dipp School for Pickpockets gets to determine who passes the final exam at that famous school. Angelique turns out to be the best agent that he has so she is especially assigned to try and get that special watch away from Inspector Gadget. During that carnival, Angelique attempts at least three times to steal the Watch away from Inspector Gadget but she fails to do so because of the help of Penny and Brain who are there at that carnival. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget bumbles his way through this case, suspecting nearly every one of being a pickpocket.

The episode would have surely been an abject failure if Penny and Brain were not present to help their uncle as you will see. Even though this episode is entertaining, it cannot compare to the previous episode Fang the Wonder Dog.

A Few Interesting Observations About "School for Pickpockets"

This is also the second episode in the last seven of the first season of Inspector Gadget that sees Gadget’s niece Penny wearing a bikini as she is busy building a sandcastle as she watches her uncle surf in France and he does a great job to not be swallowed up by those waves! At the end of the episode, the safety tip that is demonstrated is that when eating it is critical to take your time because choking on food is very easy to do.

"School for Pickpockets" Full Episode

A Few Memorable Quotes from the 64th Episode of Inspector Gadget

"Always on duty Chief and aware that litter has its place."

"I've never seen the Chief so energetic."

Inspector Gadget

In this scene. Chief Quimby is hiding in a box full of cold drinks when he attempts to find where the inspector threw the paper message. The scene is funny because Inspector Gadget thinks that his boss is acting very energetic.

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