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Review of the Episode "So It Is Written" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on February 13, 2024
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

A Few Interesting Characters and One Place In the Episode "So It Is Written"

The Fierce Ones - These people in this episode are the people that are supposed to guard the lost fortunes or the sacred treasure of a kingdom in North Africa. They are the ones that will kill "The Chosen One" if he leaves the cave before three days and three nights are up. This is part of that prophecy.

The Chosen One - In this episode this person is the person that can hold fire and water in his hand and stand so tall that he blocks out the sun. Inspector Gadget is assigned to be "The Chosen One" in this episode even though he does not realize this.How does this happen? First, when Inspector Gadget tries to activate the emergency brake on his Gadget Mobile, he instead uses water and gets one of the Fierce Ones wet. It is in the beginning of the episode that the Fierce Ones chant “The Chosen One” as he wonders what is going on.

The Kingdom of Fuzug -This is the name of the kingdom in this episode but the kingdom is so poor that it has only water tap in the entire town.

A Map of North Africa the Place Where the Episode "So It Is Written" Takes Place


Where Does Inspector Gadget Go to This Time?

This time, Inspector Gadget is assigned by Chief Quimby to go to North Africa. After a short tour through the mountains with the Fierce Ones and a reporter and or journalist Louise Lane, Gadget is instructed to use his Gadget Laser to open up the entrance to the secret cave where many treasures are said to be. The problem is though that Gadget is so incompetent that he thinks that the cave is a restaurant and a rigged tourist attraction.

Note: it is because of Louise Lane that the hero is convinced that this is a tour through the Atlas Mountains but Inspector Gadget will believe everything that he is told it seems.

A Brief Summary of the 62nd Episode of Inspector Gadget "So It Is Written"

When the Fierce Ones discover that Gadget cannot remove the boulder from the entrance, they tie him up and attempt to burn him alive. Since they still need Gadget to serve his purpose, the MAD organization’s boss Dr. Claw orders Louise Lane to get rid of the boulder. But first, Penny uses the secret powers of her computer book to create a dust storm. That dust storm saves her uncle from being burnt alive. Penny tries to find a way into the treasure cave when she is almost captured. She falls into another entrance into the cave as her uncle still thinks that the cave is a restaurant. Once the treasure is discovered, Gadget leaves the cave not realizing that the Fierce Ones will get rid of him if he leaves the cave too early. His dog Brain tries to protect him but he ends up pushing him out of the cave. Meanwhile, the helicopter arrives as Dr. Claw’s agents try to escape with the treasure. Penny realizes this and she is able to override their controls using her computer book. The helicopter crashes into the mountains and all of the treasure falls down back to the ground. A crown lands on Gadget’s head and one of the Fierce Ones begins to say the phrase “wowsers.” Gadget sees the Chief and tells him to take the Atlas Mountains tour because tourists get treated like a king. Overall, So it is Written is once again one of the best episodes of the first season but it is not better than The Pharaoh’s Curse.

"So It is Written" Full Episode

"That treasure should be all mine! This is the last time you spoil my plans Gadget I promise you!"

— Dr. Claw

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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