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Review of the Episode "Tyrannosaurus Gadget" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on September 22, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

One of the First Time Travel Episodes in Inspector Gadget

“Tyrannosaurus Gadget” is the 16th episode of the second season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and this is the first of three consecutive episodes that feature the concept of time travel or traveling back in time by way of a time machine. By this moment in time, it should be at least a clue that Inspector Gadget was one of those cartoons that was well ahead of its time.

A Photo of a Dinosaur in Prehistoric Times

This photo symbolizes the main theme of this episode which has to do with dinosaurs, cavemen, and prehistoric times.
This photo symbolizes the main theme of this episode which has to do with dinosaurs, cavemen, and prehistoric times. | Source

Interesting Plot in the Episode Tyrannosaurus Gadget

In this episode, two different eras of human life are shown. They are the Cenozoic Era (beginning of human life) and the Mesozoic era where the dinosaurs existed. In this episode, the evil cyborg/scientist Dr. Claw uses agent Thelma Bodkin to try and track down Inspector Gadget and bring back dinosaurs to rule Metro City. Their plan is to attempt to get rid of Inspector Gadget’s first ancestor. Thelma has created her own time machine which she demonstrates the use of in Dr. Claw’s castle, leaving Dr. Claw very impressed. Rather than trying to provide a straight up synopsis of the episode Tyrannosaurus Gadget, let’s analyze the episode and attempt to describe what makes the episode interesting. Let’s describe the main characters and their roles first.

The Two Main Characters Other Than Inspector Gadget

  • Professor Von Slickstein-this scientist who is responsible for creating and constructing Inspector Gadget’s series of gadgets has created the H.G. Wells Time Machine. He tells the Gadget family that they will now be able to travel back in time easily. He tells them that the time machine has a lever that allows it go back in time.
  • Great Great Grandfather Gadget-this man is a caveman and he is the first ancestor of Inspector Gadget. He also has a niece that looks exactly like Penny. He is battling a saber tooth tiger when the Inspector sees that he is in trouble. In the end of the episode, the caveman uses a machine to battle back against Thelma and the other two agents of Dr. Claw by using a rock launching machine.

Memorable Quote from the Episode Tyrannosaurus Gadget


This is what Chief Quimby says after the message self-destructs. By this point in the series I am sure he is fed up with having to deal with these kinds of situations.

Tyrannosaurus Gadget is an Episode Filled With Action & Here is Why

The episode involves a battle between Inspector Gadget, Thelma Bodkin and the two other agents of Dr. Claw as they use about 4 Brontosaurus dinosaurs to try and crush Inspector Gadget. As usual, Inspector Gadget is oblivious to the dangers around him and he almost gets crushed by one of the dinosaurs as his dog Brain helps to get him out of harm’s way. Inspector Gadget then falls into a swamp and he almost drowns. Inspector Gadget starts to pick up fruit and starts eating the fruit that he enjoys very much. He hands a piece of fruit to one of the woolly mammoths and that animal likes him very much. Thelma Bodkin’s plan to try and crush Inspector Gadget totally backfires as one of the other agents encourages the dinosaur to go after the mammoths. He gets scared and flees as Thelma wonders why the dinosaur is too scared to make a move. She falls off of the dinosaur and her time machine gets crushed. Inspector Gadget somehow is able to befriend one of the dinosaurs as they pursue Thelma and the other two agents. Even though the H.G. Wells Time Machine had not been calibrated before Inspector Gadget used the lever and ended up in the wrong era, he was able to prevail because of lots of help.

"Tyrannosaurus Gadget"

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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