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Review of the Extended Play Album "Solution 7" by Finnish Melodic Death Metal Band Norther

Updated on February 22, 2018

Basic Information About "Solution 7" the Short Extended Play Album by Norther

Finnish melodic death metal band Norther released a five song Extended Play (EP) mini album called Solution 7 in 2005. This was after their 2004 album called Death Unlimited. Even though the album is just over 18 minutes long, the musical quality is still decent. Guitarist Kristian Ranta provides clean vocals on this short album.

Solution 7 Album Cover


Day Zero is the Best Song on This Short Album "Solution 7"

The biggest highlight is the thundering first song called Day Zero. The song is about trying to experience a rebirth, to wash the night away because the nights have become so forgettable. It feels like the person’s last days on this planet are here to stay as he is looking perhaps for reincarnation.

Why is Norther Not Like the Band Children of Bodom?

It isn’t entirely accurate to label Norther as a Children of Bodom clone even though they are closely associated with that band. Norther is a melodic death metal band with lots of creative, intricate melody parts and little or no symphonic keyboards. Children of Bodom did start off as a melodic death metal band only to move away from that style and become more of a hardcore, nu-metal band with death metal growls.

The Vocals of Petri Lindroos are What Causes Many Fans to Make a Comparison Between the Two Mentioned Bands

However, the vocals of Petri Lindroos are similar to that of Alexi Laiho and I can see why people would compare Norther to COB but that’s about as similar as the two bands are.

Other Good or Great Melodic Death Metal Bands

Band Name
Country of Origin
Children of Bodom
The Wake
Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Enemy of the Sun
Formed in Germany but with Polish and Russian members too
Veiled in Scarlet
Arch Enemy
Amorphis (was a death metal band early in its career)
Heathen Foray

The Songs YDKS, Hellhole and Thorn

The song called YDKS is about a person that thinks that they know more than everyone else but in reality they know very little about themselves or the world around them. The song called Hellhole is similar to the song Deep Inside in terms of the riffs. The song is about someone that feels like they are trapped in a life that is hell as the pain and agony consumes them. Thorn is a song about what it feels like being near a person that is a thorn in your side. These kinds of people give you nothing but problems and they are energy vampires, being able to suck the positive energy out of you.

Final Thoughts About "Solution 7"

And the last song on this short album is a remixed version of the song called Chasm. For a band that is no longer active as of 2012, these guys were actually very talented and better than Children of Bodom.

Solution 7 EP Featuring Petri Lindroos

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