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Review of the album "Chaotic Beauty" by Finnish band Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Updated on October 20, 2017

Why Should Fans Even Listen to Eternal Tears of Sorrow?

Finnish symphonic and melodic death metal band Eternal Tears of Sorrow in spite of its band name provides us with music that is anything but filled with sorrow. They showed that in the 2000’s they were already a very good death metal band. Their 3rd studio album called Chaotic Beauty is an example of an album that works musically. The first song called Shattered Soul starts out with an ominous part and then their musical prowess kicks in. The vocals are similar to those found on the melodic death metal band Celestial Sorrow. The song is about someone that feels their soul has been shattered because he has been tempted by forces that have ruined him. Even if the band’s lyrics may deal with melancholy, loss, or sorrow, the music will leave you very impressed in time!

Eternal Tears of Sorrow Band Logo


The Signature Song of the Album

The song that really got me into this album is the one called Blood of Faith Stains My Hands. The song is about someone that has to come to grips with his painful past because the queen that he loved is now gone. As the long nights come to an end, a new dawn begins and he realizes that he is on the throne all alone.

A Photo of the Band Eternal Tears of Sorrow


The Song The Seventh Eclipse Shows Why These Guys are an Elite Band

In terms of the melody, Eternal Tears of Sorrow is not as melodic as Throne of Chaos or Norther but they still know how to play and include those symphonic elements in their songs. The Seventh Eclipse is a song about darkness that covers the fields as the angels are wondering what to do. The chorus is particularly impressive and the keyboard part included in there really works out well. Then comes an impressive mixture of guitar and keyboards. With all of the good melodic death metal bands, bands like Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Kalmah are two of the elites.

Best Song In the Album Perhaps

Kimberly Goss Makes a Contribution to the Album

Bride of the Crimson Sea has a vocal contribution by vocalist Kimberly Goss (ex-Sinergy). The song is about a woman standing by the sea but she is in tears because she is remorseful. She is overcome by the dark night even though her goal is to become a bride of the crimson sea (that is what it is called in this song).

The Song Called Bride of the Crimson Sea

How Is the Rest of the Album Chaotic Beauty?

Next comes a performance of the song called Black Tears by the band Edge of Sanity. This is a cover song. The next song called Tar of Chaos has the kind of drum sound that resembles the band Catamenia. But then, the keyboards kick and you know that this is part of the band’s strategy. The song is extremely melodic and it is about a person that has had the feeling of rage build up in him for life. The last song called Nocturnal Strains is a song about a person that listens to the tunes of a nightingale as night falls. That’s what the first part is about. As the years pass, the night still remains the same. The Kalmah influence can be heard in this song. Vocalist Altti Vetelainen worked with the band Kalmah for their first album called Swamplord so it is easy to see why the Kalmah influence would be in this song. Once again, Kimberly Goss lends her vocal talents for this song as she chants. Is Chaotic Beauty as good as the band’s next album? It is hard to say but in terms of symphonic death metal albums it is a very good one.

A Map of Pudasjarvi, Finland the City Where the Band Was Founded

The Song Called Tar of Chaos

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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