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Review of the Movie "Sinister"

Updated on August 31, 2018


The Sinister movie poster...scared yet?
The Sinister movie poster...scared yet? | Source

About the movie

Right off the bat you can tell this movie will be scary! Not because of some earie music... not because anything jumps out at you... the introduction is actually the found footage of a family beinging hung on their backyard tree, simultaneously!

The movie is about a writer, Ellison (Ethan Hawke), who moves into the house that a family was killed in. Ellison is a true crime writer (like Ann Rule) is starting a new book about the hanging of a whole family in the house he just purchased.

While moving in Ellison discovers a box of super 8 tapes and a projector in the attic. As any curious person would do Ellison watches the films and discovers that not only are the murders recorded on the tapes, but there are other murders recorded going back to the 1960's!

The Plot Thickens

After being thoroughly freaked out by the videos, Ellison starts to hear noises in the house and see the killer outside. Ellison soon discovers that the killer is am ancient Babylonian demon named Bagul who eats children's souls... and he's made this demon very mad.

Throughout the entire movie I was on edge while the music gets more and more suspenseful. Not only are there a lot of scary "jump out of your seat" moments but there are also some very frightening images. Thankfully there are some funny moments during the day, but Ellison always goes walking around his home in the middle of the night.

Dead children appearing, his own child painting evil images, and Bagul jumping out from nowhere means that this movie is a definitely good watch for any horror movie buff.


The acting was fantasticly done (what did you expect from Ethan Hawke?) and the music was timed perfectly for the scary moments. When Ellison (Ethan) gets scared or discovers something truely upsetting (like the videotapes) the audience feels his fear in a very natural way. The theater I was in was filled with people gasping, yelping, and jumping. My own girlfriend attests that she probably only watched about 20 minutes of the entire film since her eyes were closed for the rest.

I also love when horror movies throw in some comedy. There's not as much as the movie Cabin in the Woods, but there are some truly funny moments that Ellison shares with one of the deputies in the town.

The setting never changes, which I think is a bonus to the movie. Not once are we given a reprieve or an escape from the horror. Our only view of a different setting comes to us in the tapes that Ellison watches which do not help to squelch our fears. We are stuck in the house of a grisly murder with only other murder scenes to go to for comfort.

Final thoughts? NOT FOR CHILDREN! This movie is rated R for a reason and unless you are willing to let your child watch a family get run over by a lawnmower you should probably keep them at home! The movie was very good, not the best horror movie ever (that one is Cabin in the Woods) but definitely worth my $10 movie ticket.


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