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Review of the new Judas Priest 2014 Release "Redeemer of Souls"

Updated on July 9, 2014

New album cover for Redeemer of Souls

The Best 'n' Worst Of Judas Priest!

For an in-depth review of Judas Priest, check out FatFreddysCat's 3-part hub "The Best 'n' Worst of JUDAS PRIEST"

While I am reviewing the new album, FatFreddysCat's gives you his opinion on all past Judas Priest albums, most of which I agree with!

Listen to the new album Redeemer of Souls Online

All of Judas Priest's Best Albums Combined!

First A Little History of a typical fan of Judas Priest:

For an in-depth review of Judas Priest, check out FatFreddysCat's 3-part hub "The Best 'n' Worst of JUDAS PRIEST"

I have been a long time fan of Judas Priest. In the late 80's and early 90's, Judas Priest put out their best albums starting with Hell Bent For Leather all the way to Screaming For Vengeance. After Screaming For Vengeance, the quality of their brand of heavy metal started to change from over-commercial albums like Turbo to total flops like Ram It Down.

When Judas Priest released Painkiller, my faith was restored in them again as Painkiller was one of their best and heaviest albums.

After Painkiller, Judas Priest's albums started failing again and for a good reason: Rob Halford left the band which sucked, because Painkiller put them at the top. After that, they released terrible albums like Jugulator and Nostradamus.

I admit that after releasing Nostradamus, I thought Judas Priest was finished.

Now, ENTER REDEEMER OF SOULS, the BEST Judas Priest album since Painkiller. The music on THIS album combines the sound of some of their best albums including Stained Class, Screaming For Vengeance, British Steel and Painkiller.

Every song on this album is amazing. That's right! Not one bad song on this album! They ALL rock! 18 songs of pure Judas Priest!

March of The Damned from the new album

"Redeemer of Souls" is Painkiller as if Rob Halford never left the band! Judge for yourself!

For the rest of this hub, I review all 18 songs on the album.

Song of these songs were released one by one on Spotify before Redeemer's official release on July 6, 2014.

A Song By Song Analysis!

The opening track is Dragonaut. I compare this track to All Guns Blazing off of Painkiller. This track rocks and is a great track to open the album with. This is a fast paced song and it is apparent that Richie Faukner brings a new element to the band.

Redeemer of Souls (title track). This was their first single release that I heard on Spotify and another similar track to songs off Painkiller. I over played this song, so for me, it is like a hit.

Halls of Valhalla - This has the flavor of The Hellion off, the opening track from Screaming For Vengeance. It has that signature dual lead guitar that you only hear from The Hellion and then it sounds a lot like the title track from Painkiller.

Sword of Damocles - I love Scott Travis' playing on this song and Richie Faukner's lead playing! This song has a unique sound, but has some of the flavor of some songs off one of my other favorite Judas Priest albums Angel of Retribution. I can see this song eventually becoming a single. Rob Halford singles amazingly well on this song.

March Of the Damned - A Salute To The Judas Priest Fans: Another one of the songs pre-released before the album. I LOVE this song. It rocks. It jams! This song seems to have another combined flavor of Angel Of Retribution and Painkiller. This song is about all Priest fans.

Down in Flames - Do you remember that amazing lead guitar introduction to the classic Victim of Changes? Well, it's back. The song starts like that and then rocks hard. Rob Halford also has a two part harmony with himself in the segue!

Hell And Back - A NEW Judas Priest move. This albums pulls out ALL the stops with this song starting off with both a ballad and an amazing bass line from Ian Hill! If you never heard Ian Hill's playing before, you will on THIS song. My head bangs on this!

Cold Blooded - Do you remember that signature introduction to Bloodstone on Screaming For Vengeance? Well, it is back to start this song, 23 years later. This song is a bit more commercial, but hey, this song is no Turbo Lover. No, it's not THAT commercial.

Metalizer - Judas Priest has to keeps its tradition of having at least one song on every album that ends in "er" and this is it. Scott Travis bangs the drums like he did on Painkiller. This song also has a little classic Judas Priest chord progression as well like what you hear off of the songs from Stained Class.

Crossfire - Hmmm, a little blues perhaps? I did not think Judas Priest could pull it off, but they succeeded in adding a little blues to this. Just never recorded anything quite like this, but then it sounds some of the songs off Defenders of the Faith and that is not a complaint. Just listen to the introduction and the lead guitar riff in the beginning. This is one of my favorite songs on the album! "Caught In The Crossfire...ya gotta let go"!

Secrets of the Dead - The beginning of this reminds me of the famous Judas Priest ballad from Stained Class "Beyond the Realms of Death" for a few bars and then it sounds like A Touch of Evil from Painkiller.

Battle Cry - Well all of this band's songs are about battle cries, but here is a song that is actually titled with that. LOL - Check out this jam between Rickie Faukner and Glenn Tipton. This song has a nice metal groove to it. Love it! I can see them doing this one in concert. Rob Halford screams in this one!

Beginning of the End - A nice ballad. If you want more Priest ballads, check out this one!

Snakebite - This song rocks steady! I think this track sounds like some of the best songs off Angel of Retribution. Sing this everyone: "Get Ready For A Snakebite".

Tears of Blood - This is a combination of Bloodstone and the Sentinel (Defenders of the Faith). This song is good, but I don't see it becoming a hit. I DO see this track played live on the Redeemer tour and I hope they do!

Creatures - A cool Priest track. It has that fast metal beat. I think Rob Halford sings his best on this song. Check out the distorted guitars on this track!

Bring It On - Another potential hit. This is probably the most commercial track off the album.

Never Forget - Although this is the prettiest ballad off any Judas Priest album, it scares me a little. Listen to the lyrics and you may think that this is Judas Priest's last album. I hope not. This song can be the next Judas Priest anthem!

Preview for the song March Of The Damned


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    • Ty Tayzlor profile image


      3 years ago from Anywhere

      Great album.

    • hotwebideas profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Chamoff 

      4 years ago from New York

      Thanks, FFC. This album is like Painkiller 2. Really!

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      4 years ago from The Garden State

      Cool stuff. I haven't picked up the new album yet but it's definitely on my "to-do" list in the very near future.

      ...thanks for the nod to my own hubs about Priest. Keep it metal dude. :)


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