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I Hate Quarantine

Updated on April 20, 2020


The article known as “How to Work From Home Like a Pro” is amazing, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk this dumb stupid SARS-CoV-2. It's ruined EVERYTHING. I had so much planned and I'm sure you "teenagers" will relate to this a lot, especially Class of 2024, 2023, 2027, and especially 2020. It ruined the thing I most looked forward to, Music in the Parks. the whole music department at my school always goes to some type of an amusement park at the end of the year, but then it was cancelled. I did not go through 3 years of band with my teacher who gave me PTSD just to not go on my last trip and finish the shirt collection. I got blue, pink, and that's all! No other frickin color.

I don’t get to go to my graduation or my 8th grade dance. And even the trip to Six Flags, if that was even planned. I would’ve never thought this would happen at the beginning of the year. I might as well have shown up to the 7th grade dance thingie. I wanted to graduate like any other normal student before me. Why did it have to happen MY year, Class of 2020’s year especially. It must be really hard on them missing out on prom, their highschool graduation, and just being seniors. I tell myself Class of 2020 has it worse than you, but I can’t help but be angry. I went through the 5 stages of grief multiple times, seemingly never hitting the acceptance stage.

Plane in forest. Cool
Plane in forest. Cool | Source

Quarantine and Online School

Quarantine is incredibly boring. I have nothing to do other than read, go on my phone, play on the driveway, and do my school work, that get’s boring eventually. And online school is so stupid. It’s so easy to cheat and because of that no one is learning unless they actually read the stuff, and I know most students don’t. There’s so many unanswered questions about how standardized testing will work. And this whole thing will change EVERYTHING. Education as you know it might not be the same, which sucks. I love school. School was my life and now I have literally nothing to do.

I’m bored out of my mind and there’s nothing to do. I’ll say it again, why did it have to happen NOW?! This could all have been avoided if the US just took it seriously when it first started. I’m at week 5 and was just informed today that it’ll be extended another 4 weeks. I was a week away from going back to school and the tunnel just gets longer. Just like how they did me after those 2 weeks. Why? Why? WHY? I just don’t understand! What’s with all this?! How did one small thing lead to all this?! What could’ve led to the series of events that made everyone end up locked in their own house?

And I’m not one to use this word lightly, but at moments I genuinely feel depressed though those moments happened more towards the beginning of the whole school cancellation. And I would’ve gotten all A’s if it wasn’t for band. My band teacher promised us that we'll have more grades but that was ruined when they decided to end the quarter early because of school cancellation. I was so disappointed. I frickin miss school. I miss my teachers, even the ones I hate. I miss my peers and even the annoying 7th graders that I would yell at. And all those dumb kids who would vape. And I can’t even go to sleep. I stay up rather late so that it’s no longer night but early in the morning. My average sleeping time would be 3 am. And when I actually want to go to sleep I can’t. My mind will race making up scenarios or thinking “What if I did this instead of that?” or “I wish I didn’t do that…,” or most of the time thinking back to embarrassing moments I wish I could forget.

I can’t even go on bike rides or walks without supervision because of creepy neighbors and the lack of a neighborhood. And my parents aren’t the type to walk or ride bikes once every full moon so I don’t get as much opportunity as others. This is one of the moments when I wish my family stayed in the apartment or my old house THAT WAS IN AN ACTUAL COMMUNITY NEIGHBORHOOD!!

"Keep your anime waifus away from me or I'll break your nico nico kneecaps"

— Mahatma Gandhi
Bee Movie is good movie
Bee Movie is good movie | Source

Passing Time

There’s only so much to do to pass time. What have I been doing? Well nothing really. I’m in my room almost 24/7 either doing work, talking to my friends, on an electronic device or just vibing. I got into origami for a little while but haven’t touched it since like week 2 or 3. I’ve read books, but I get bored of them. I have interesting stories though. On Wednesday, April 15, 2020 a car caught on fire on the street near my neighbors house. Police came and two fire trucks arrived. The flames were big but it was tamed by the firefighters. We don’t think anyone got hurt but we joked the car ran into too many things and finally exploded like in GTA. Or possibly a dead body was in the car, but that’s not likely.

During the hours of lunch me and my friend would get in a call every week day to pretend like we’re in lunch at school I guess.

Drag races happened out on the road in front of my house. Motorcycle gangs decide to ride by almost everyday. Trucks pass making loads of noise. Bike groups come by but they’re quiet so I don’t mind them. And I kid you not horse gangs! I swear on multiple occasions a group of people on horses would just ride by casually like it’s nothing. At first I thought I was trippin because this never happened in the 2.5 years I lived here, but the second time they came I actually got to see them and I was shocked.

I’ve played Tomodachi Life on my 3DS like a lot when I first got it but a little less now that it has gotten a little boring. I played the most Pokemon Silver I’ve ever had in a day since I got it cause I’ve finally had the time to play it but that gets boring.

In short the only things you can do gets boring real fast.

How to eat

You just eat, man

hi | Source

What can you do?

So what can you do to prevent yourself from not getting bored?

Nothing. I'm sorry to break it to you but you'll get bored eventually. You might like it at first but once you do all the things you can the only thing that'll keep you doing stuff is your school work or work. It's only a matter of time before that happens.

Though to make sure you won’t get bored too soon, you shouldn’t do all the things in a week. You should make sure you preserve your hobbies or things to pass your time. Don’t be like the majority of people who get bored within a week or two because they burned out. Also make sure you get a new hobby and one that you can actually do.

Finding hobbies is hard. I am one of the unfortunate ones who’s only hobby is school work or something dumb so I’m suffering a lot. But make sure during quarantine you make an effort to do your school work and read everything. You don't want to fall behind even if everyone else is doing so. Don’t cheat on a test, you want to see if you actually learn anything. Instead do the test and check it over with friends so you can get a good grade and learn and see what you need to improve upon.

Are you bored?

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