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Review the Album "Capricorn" First Solo Album by Hard Rock Vocalist Mike Tramp

Updated on January 26, 2023
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Capricorn the Zodiac Sign and the Title of This Album


Why is Capricorn a Significant Hard Rock Album

Capricorn is the debut solo album by former White Lion vocalist Mike Tramp. Tramp is originally from Denmark and he started his solo career after the split of American band Freak of Nature. But even more that, we must be thankful that Mike Tramp made a big contribution to the American hard rock scene which really thrived and flourished with him being a major part of it.

Already Gone is a Great First Song

The first song called Already Gone is about a relationship in which the woman has already walked away from her former lover although she insists that she has done nothing wrong. She says that the relationship is not over although she has already left him. We have nothing to lose when something is already lost. Having to deal with a deceptive lover is one of the most stressful life situations.

"Already Gone"

Mike Tramp Knows What Kind of Lyrical Themes to Explore to Attract Fans

The song called If I Live Tomorrow is about a man who hears a noise coming from outside. He puts on his clothes, rushing to see what is going on out there. He sees people running around and panicking as the world seems to crumbling around him. If he lives until the next day, he says that he will do the best he can. Even when the world seems to be falling apart around us, we have to do our part to live to the fullest each day. Heart of Every Woman is a song about a woman whose mere presence has the power to heal a man’s wounded soul. This must be some special kind of woman. Mike Tramp certainly knew what kind of lyrical themes to explore in order to keep fans interested. He has certainly made me a fan of his. Don’t let his accent dissuade you from listening to his vocals because he has a good hard rock kind of voice.

Here I Don’t Belong is a good song and it about a man that has lost all his friends and he feels that he does not belong where he is. He is looking for a woman to make a real man out of him but only he can work on fixing his personality flaws. Don’t rely on anyone else to make you a real man or woman. You have to want to be a better person. Thanks to Mike Tramp for writing such lyrically interesting songs!

About the Songs Have You Ever and Better Off

Have You Ever is a soft song about the importance of healthy relationships with our mother, father, lover, and children. With each passing day, our lives get one day shorter so we have to love others as much as we can. The song Better Off has an excellent memorable solo at the end in spite of the negative message in it. Sometimes the only way to get away from an unhappy home life, we have to pursue our dreams whatever they may be.

The Album Also Explores the Lyrical Theme of Life Misdirection

Running Out of Life is on a similar lyrical theme and it is a song about a person trying to find out what kind of life that they want to live because they feel that they are just going through the motions and not really living life. The song Wait not for Me is about a person that just lives his life day to day with no real plan for success. He is like a wanderer that wanders through life looking for the next opportunity to explore the world like a free man.

"Here I Don't Belong"

"Better Off"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Capricorn"

It is only fitting for this album to end with a love ballad. Love Will Come and Go has some good piano part as the song is about not giving up on life. Love will come and go but your willingness to live must stay in your heart. As the song says better days will soon be here. That’s how life usually turns out for many of us. Capricorn is a solid solo album with many solid songs. What are the best songs on the album? The first two, Heart of Every Woman, Better Off, Running Out of Life, and Love Will Come and Go. Mike Tramp showed that even after leaving White Lion, he could create a musically creative album such as Capricorn.

"Love Will Come and Go"

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