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Review: the album called The American Way by Sacred Reich

Updated on January 10, 2018

A photo of the CD The American Way

Why is The American Way such a significant heavy metal album?

The American Way by thrash metal band Sacred Reich is a very important release in the history of heavy metal and that’s why it deserves a review. The American Way was released in 1990 and it is this Phoenix Arizona thrash metal band’s 2nd studio album. The first song Love…Hate is a song about what happens in many love relationships. In a world that seems to be so cold and unforgiving, we find that special person thinking that they will make us feel complete. But relationships do evolve and change leading to bitterness, resentment, and breakups. And then, some couples do get back together again. Love and hate is a sort of human cycle that repeats itself in some love lives. But this album is very memorable for the title track of the same name. On the album cover, the head of the Statue of Liberty is seen as being thrown down while many hands are reaching out of the statue. Those hands symbolize the people that are suffering as a result of bad domestic policies. But the band through their music tries to convey the message that we must save the United States from even more decline.

The Statue of Liberty and the relation to the album

The Statue of Liberty is shown in the music video for The American Way and the statue itself symbolizes the freedoms that Americans have among many things. Let's save this country.
The Statue of Liberty is shown in the music video for The American Way and the statue itself symbolizes the freedoms that Americans have among many things. Let's save this country.

The song The American Way is essential for all fans of the heavy metal genre to listen to

The American Way is an excellent song about the breakdown of the American political system. The United States is no longer led by congressmen and women who take the needs of their constituents into consideration. The country used to have an American Dream that has now faded away due to the rise of free market capitalism. The working poor continue to suffer even further as the wealthy population line their pockets up with even more wealth. The poorer workers are left to help themselves in a country that has seen many changes since the time that this album came out. Another theme that the song addresses is the concept of materialism. Often times when Americans see an advertisement about a certain product on TV, they will rush to buy it. This is the power of advertising which can lead to a buying addiction.

The official music video for the song The American Way

About the song The Way it is

The Way it is centers on the theme of working for a boss or a manger that was only concerned about his or her bottom line (also known as money). These employees do the work that they love while their manager is after the money. Greed has become very common in the 21st century but it has always been there.

Favorite song on The American Way

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Sacred Reich's songs often times have important messages in them and this is one example why

The next song called Crimes Against Humanity is a song that brings attention to the fact that as toxic pollutants, chemicals, and gases fill the air, the air becomes hard to breathe affecting the health of the world’s population. The song also tries to convey the message that we need more compassion instead of more war planes. We come into this world having nothing and when we die, we will leave with nothing. Weapons have only one use and that use is not for a good purpose. I am proud that Sacred Reich wrote a song like this to raise awareness of how the fate of the Earth is in danger if we recklessly pollute it with harmful chemicals. The song has a nice melodic riff in the middle section of the song. However, the song starts out with a drum part in the beginning before the guitars start playing. However, the guitar playing really speeds up and the listener is treated to a part that is similar to 1980’s thrash metal. If we don’t treat the human beings of this world with love and compassion, the band sees this is as a crime against humanity. Of course, a song with a similar theme would be covered by Annihilator in their song Stonewall.

The song called Crimes Against Humanity

Make sure to also listen to the song called State of Emergency

The next song called State of Emergency brings awareness of the fact that in many countries of the world, political prisoners are jailed, beaten and killed. In the US, there is still much inequality among the different races in spite of the end of segregation. The song is also trying to point out that black men do not have the same rights as the white man.

How good of an album is The American Way?

Who’s to Blame is the weakest song in the album. It is about a rebellious teenager that has been kicked out of school and he has no job. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to make sure that their son’s or daughter’s life gets back on track. Musically, The American Way is a very good album that improves upon what was in the Surf Nicaragua EP. However, the album is still not as good as Independent.

Final score: 80 out of 100 points (B)

The song called State of Emergency

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