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Reviewing This Means War

Updated on May 30, 2012

When I saw a small preview for this movie, at first I was like it is just going to be one of those movies that was just okay. However, I actually thought it was a good movie, very interesting and it had its funny moments. Reese Witherspoon did a good job on her part, as well as Tom Hardy and Chris Pine.

These two CIA agents are best friends, they work well with each other and would do anything with for each other. They are like brothers and that says something good about their relationship. They are both single, except Tuck (Tom Hardy) has a little boy with this other lady that was with. Then there is FDR (Chris Pine) who is single with no little boy and he just enjoys life. There there is Lauren (Reese Witherspoon), who works for the consumer reports company, she is single and her friend gets worried about her that she decides to put Lauren in a dating site without telling her. So Tuck happens to be on the dating site as well, he goes to meet Lauren, he finds her charming and he gets along with her. Then as Lauren goes to rent a movie for the night she meets FDR and she kind of decides to see him too.

Now as time goes by, she is dating two people at the same time. Both agents decide to show each other who they are seeing and surprise, surprise, it is the same sexy lady they both met but at different times. That is when they declare war on each other to see who she chooses. From that time forward they find ways to keep track of what each other do with her and at some point find ways to sabotage each others date. But at the same time, they are chasing after a criminal who happens to be in the same city wanting to get their attention.

This movie is funny because you see how they try really hard to get Lauren's attention so she could choose the best of them. I don't want to spoil the ending for those of you who haven't seen it, but if you check out the DVD or purchase it, there are two more alternate endings to this movie. This movie to me was worth checking out. Hopefully those who see this movies will also enjoy it.


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