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Revolution -- A Pointless Death

Updated on October 9, 2012

One of the reasons The Stand worked was it concentrated on several different survivors forming a group and coming together. If you didn’t like one of the character’s stories, you had others to draw you in. In Revolution, if you don’t like the Charlie character or care about her search for her annoying brother Danny, you’ve got a problem. That’s 90% of the show right there.

Then you have killing off a main character four episodes in before you could become emotionally attached to any of the characters just to show the viewers no character is safe was dumb. I felt nothing even though of the characters, I liked Maggie the best. When Lost first did this they waited until we’d grown attached to all the characters so it packed some emotional punch. And the way they wrote it was lame.

Finally, all we know about the blackout four episodes in is it has something to do with a magical pendant that can bring the electricity on for a short time.

The episode starts with Charlie and company meeting up with Aaron and Maggie. Before they do, Aaron suggests to Maggie they don’t mention to them that the mysterious pendant turned the power on for a few moments. From a man Charlie’s group encounters they learn Neville has Danny and that they’re nearby.

On the way to try and rescue Danny they run into a pack of wild dogs that are owned by some deranged man. They run from the dogs, but the man is stalking them. So, is Nate who they take prisoner. Miles is making noises about leaving. Both Nora and Maggie urge him to stay. Maggie even tells him her story to persuade him.

She was in America talking to her kids in England via the computer when the blackout happened. I think she always felt guilty because she was short with her kids the last time she spoke to them. She tried every way she could think of to get back to England, but there was no way home. Finally, she was about to kill herself when Ben happened upon her and took her home with him and it saved her life. She thinks [she only credits Charlie, since this is really the Charlie Show] Charlie could save Miles, too.

Unfortunately, nothing can save Maggie when gets attacked by the deranged dog dude and he rants something about killing one of his dogs and stabs her. She says the man cut an artery and she’s bleeding out. Aaron sews up her artery, but she’s lost too much blood and dies.

Deranged dog dude also kidnaps Charlie. He says she reminds him of his daughter, as he booby-traps the room so Charlie will be shot if someone opens the door to rescue her. He also looks like he’s coming on to her. Really don’t want to think just what his relationship with his daughter was like.

Miles and Nate rush to save her and kill deranged dog dude. And fear not, Charlie manages to nudge her chair out of the way far enough so she isn’t killed when the door is opened. Not that she was ever in danger of dying, since she’s the star of the show.

When Charlie is all broken up over Maggie’s death, saying everyone always leaves her, even though a few episodes back she acted like she couldn’t stand Maggie, Miles promises not to leave her. Of course, if Charlie knew that Miles was responsible for her mother leaving her, she’d hardly welcome his presence. Seems Miles contacted Rachel somehow and brokered some kind of deal with her to turn herself over to the Monroe Militia and become their prisoner. He also apparently left her behind in Sebastian’s clutches when he broke ties with Sebastian.

So, let’s sum it up. Miles started the Militia responsible for her father’s death and he took her mother from her. He also hasn’t decided to mention her mother is alive. He’s a prince. You have to wonder if Ben knew about the deal Rachel made with his brother and if he knew Miles’ helped created the Militia when he told Charlie to seek Miles out.

Over at Camp Neville, they get hit by what looks to be a tornado. Danny takes the opportunity to try and escape while they take shelter in a barn. Neville catches him and drags him into a cellar, but when debris falls on Neville and pins him under it, he manipulates Danny into saving him. Afterwards, he takes Danny prisoner again. No good deed goes unpunished.

Finally, Sebastian is tired of Rachel not telling him what he wants to know, so he has her tortured. Have to say for someone tortured, she doesn’t have one hair out of place when he visits her later; nor does she seem to be in any kind of pain from what she’s just been through. Sebastian says they’ll see if she’s so tough when Danny arrives and she has to watch him having each of his molars yanked out of his mouth.

So to sum it up: Charlie and company are still looking for Danny. Danny is still Neville’s prisoner. And we still know nothing new about the blackout. In short, we have the same status quo we’ve had since the first episode. And the death of one of the characters will have no lasting impact and will be forgotten by the next episode and was only done for shock value.

This, in a nutshell, is why I don’t think this show is going to make it.


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    • Fernandinacop profile image

      Fernandinacop 5 years ago

      I don't understand. This show takes place with late night television. Ten pm at it's earliest. Why are they going so smarmy with the show. How many lives does Miles have to snuff out in working towards helping Charlie before it ceases to be about who Miles was back in the day and become who he is now. I don't think this show should be about bringing Miles to the point where he can leave his tortured ways and realize Charlie's idealism. More to the opposite, ITS THE APPOCALYPSE FOR PETE'S SAKE! Charlie's lucky she wasn't locked in a basement to serve only the purpose of reproducing! Look, I don't think the show needs to take that kind of a sexist stance, but let's work out the mind frames and internal battles just a little bit better! PLEASE!