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Revolution -- All Roads Lead To The Tower

Updated on May 23, 2013

Original Airing: May 20, 2013

Someone made a good point online. If Charlie had been the one captured and taken to Monroe headquarters, she would have been rescued within hours. Because it was Nora, she endured three weeks of torture at the hands of Monroe’s torturers and no rescue mission was ever launched to come and rescue her. She was rescued because one of Monroe’s people turned on him and snuck her out by faking her death.

Flynn found himself on the wrong side of Bas, as Bas decided he didn’t like Flynn, after all. He got in a snit because Flynn didn’t tell him about The Tower. After three weeks of various forms of torture, including drugs, Nora spilled everything she knew, including the fact Rachel was on her way to The Tower to turn on the power, thus eliminating the advantage Bas currently had as the only one with the power. Flynn saved himself be revealing that The Tower was so much more than the spot to turn the electricity on. So Bas took Flynn with him as he took troops to Colorado and managed to get to The Tower before Rachel and Aaron could.

Things, however, took a nasty turn for Flynn when he entered his code to enter The Tower and he was denied access. Inside a group of people were watching as Flynn tried again and again to gain access only to be denied.

Rachel decides to go on a suicide mission to take out Bas. She tells Aaron while she’s doing that, it’ll be his chance to get inside The Tower, but will he actually do it? Rachel takes out one of Bas’ men and walks into camp dressed in Monroe Militia fatigues. She enters Bas’ tent and pulls the pin out of the grenade.

Once she’s reunited with Miles, Nora tells him Bas is heading to The Tower because she told him that’s where Rachel is headed. Miles, Nora, Charlie, Neville, Jim, Jason and the man who defected from Camp Monroe to save Nora go on a mission to get to The Tower themselves. However, when they stop to refuel their helicopter someone on the team starts killing members of the team one by one.

Neville wasn’t thrilled by Jason’s relationship with Charlie, but it turned out it was going to be short-lived. Charlie saw Jason talking to a man before boarding the helicopter and when Jason needed her support when he was accused of killing the members of the crew, she didn’t have his back. As a result, Jason wants nothing to do with her and Neville seemed very happy about that.

It turned out Miles’ friend Jim was the real culprit. Bas has his wife. When he and Miles go at it, Jason ends up saving Miles ungrateful hide, after Miles had been out hunting for him to kill him. It’s terrible, but every time Miles goes up against one of his many victims who wants revenge against him, I tend to root for them to gullet good old Miles. It’s why taking the protagonist role from Charlie and giving it to Miles isn’t any better. Miles is just not somebody to root for.

The remainder of the team headed out to rendezvous at The Tower. So just who are all the people inside The Tower? Was Grace able to escape? Will Rachel really blow-up Bas and herself?

It does seem that whatever is in The Tower will be the next phase of the story as the war between the various factions will no longer be the leading focus of the story.


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