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Revolution -- Birth Of The Militia

Updated on October 2, 2012

Charlie and Danny weren’t as annoying this week as they were last. Coupled with a shocking reveal about Miles, which held a lot of character development for both Miles and Sebastian. Making for a very interesting episode, this week.

Miles, Nora and Charlie arrived at the rebel camp to discover it most of the people either seriously injured or in various stages of dying. The band of rebels had been ambushed and the militia had captured a member of the rebels group. Jeremy, the head of the militia group, plays Russian Roulette with their rebel prisoner until he reveals where the rebel camp is, then he shoots him dead.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie arrive at Grace’s house to find it abandoned. Aaron finds various pieces of computer equipment and surmises she’d built her own computer. The computer she had and Grace herself were missing from her house. Aaron convinced Maggie to stay at the house, feeling it could reveal something about how Grace had electricity when the rest of the world is in darkness.

During the militia melee against the rebel camp, Jeremy gets captured by the rebels. Much to Charlie’s shock, Jeremy reveals he knows Miles very well. Then he reveals the ugly truth about Miles. He helped create the Monroe Militia and was the commander of the militia.

Through flashbacks we see how the militia was born. Miles wanted to leave base and go AWOL to go looking for his brother six weeks after the blackout. Sebastian insisted on going with Miles, because he considered Miles his family. In the months they were traveling together, they saw the carnage of people preying on each other to survive. When Miles came upon two men beating up Jeremy, he held them at gunpoint. Sebastian wanted to let them go, but Miles shot them dead. After that the militia was born.

Miles offers to trade himself to Jeremy so the rebels can leave and be safe. Of course, Charlie and Nora have other ideas as they rescue Miles. There’s a moment when Miles could kill Jeremy but he doesn’t do it.

Danny isn’t having a good time of it when one of Commander Neville’s men wants some payback against Danny. When Neville is gone he viciously beats Danny. However, the next day, Danny manages to nearly strangle the man and warn him if he ever touches him again, he’ll kill him. A scene Neville observes from afar.

Back at Grace’s house, the pendant Aaron has makes the power come on for a few moments before going back off. They’re left shocked and confused, as they’re not sure how the pendant turned on the power in Grace’s house for a few moments.

It was interesting seeing Miles as the cold-blooded killer while Sebastian wanted to let the men go. However, the story of the birth of the militia doesn’t gel with what we saw in the pilot episode. Sebastian didn’t have any ID and he showed the guards there the Monroe Militia tattoo [if I recall correctly] and they all shared a knowing smile. So maybe there’s something Miles doesn’t know about the creation of the militia.

We still don’t know how Sebastian got his hands on Rachel and why Ben said she was dead. And then there’s the mysterious Randall who is behind Grace’s disappearance and who was also wearing one of those power pendants. It seems Randall is an entity totally apart from the militia and possibly connected to the blackout.

I really enjoyed this episode. It’ll be interesting to discover why Miles broke away from the militia after helping to create it.


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