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Revolution -- CANCELLED!

Updated on May 20, 2014

Why the cancellation was inevitable

I've said this before and I'll say it one last time, The Event was a better show than this. Unfortunately, it didn't have the benefit of a mega-ratings lead that Revolution had. Also, to this day, I'm still not one hundred percent sure what The Event was.

That said, Revolution had a lot of benefits going in that The Event didn't have. The biggest being the juggernaut, The Voice, as a lead-in. Unfortunately, for all that benefit, the show constantly got it wrong.

The biggest problem was the show wanting teen queen Danny to be the lead character. Since when the blackout initially occurred she was only a child. That meant that everyone had to literally be twiddling their thumbs for 15 years. Then when she finally comes of age they suddenly want to put the electricity back on. It was completely unbelievable. In Stephen King's The Stand it only took people a few months to put the power back on. That meant that all the story that happened when the lights went out had to be shown in flashbacks and it couldn't be used to suck viewers into the story. When people suddenly wanted to put the lights on after 15 years it just was a little hard to believe. Seriously, what took so long?

Killing off characters was another big mistake this show made. Maggie would have made a far better female lead than Rachel, but they killed her off early on. Of course, the worst killing of a character probably was Danny. After making viewers watch half the season to see Charlie find Danny what do they do? Why they kill him off. It made all the episodes viewers watched to see him found kind of pointless.

Ever since LOST killed off main characters to show viewers no character was safe shows have been doing this thinking how risky they're being. What they're being is dumb. Just killing off a good character that has a lot of potential just to show you can kill off a character is the dumbest thing a show can do. It can end up turning off viewers.

I get why they offed Maggie. They always planned for Rachel to be the big female character. That's why they whacked off Nora, too. Just too bad that Maggie made a better character. She was actually a character you could root for, while the more a person learned about Rachel the more you came to loathe her.

After building so much of the season out of rescuing Danny to kill him off so quickly was just stupid. How much better a story if Rachel was willing to turn on the power even if it meant Danny dying than her only wanting to turn it on because Danny was dead and it would no longer harm him if it was turned back on. It would have made Rachel more root-worthy opposed to her coming off as a selfish sociopath. I mean, she knew the people helped by the nanites could die, as well as there being a danger of destroying the world if it was turned back on, and still she did it anyway. No villain on the show could surpass her evil deeds, yet we were supposed to root for her and see her as one of the good guys.

That was another big problem the show has. There was literally no character that was the least root-worthy. You had a show full of morally corrupt people and you had to pick which bad guy was the least bad. Miles created the Monroe Militia and when he got tired of playing he left the psychotic Monroe in charge to maim and murder at will. And he's the supposed hero of the show. A successful show has a least some distinguishable good guys to root for. All the characters aren't just various shades of black.

Of course, worse than the killings of Danny and Maggie, was not killing off Monroe. Seriously, how many times did this show build-up to Miles killing Monroe, only to decide not to do it for some lame reason. It got to be a bad joke. Monroe was responsible for his brother's death, his nephew's death, and his ex-girlfriend's death, but still Miles just can't bring himself to kill him. Really? The same can be said of Neville, as well. The man was absolutely vile, yet there was always some lame reason for him not to die.

Finally, the show brought their personal politics into the show. Seriously, you'd have to be blind, death and dumb not to see the show was trying to say the Republicans were behind the blackout. Politics don't belong in a TV show. You risk turning off the half of your audience that is of the political party you're trashing. It's yet another dumb move.

And this was all in the first season. It was a miracle they got renewed for another season. They managed to come up with a good finale of the power coming back on and a bigger threat just to come. Unfortunately, in the new season the power was back off, which seemed like a giant cop-out and step back. While the nanite and Patriot stories had potential, they really didn't play out well. And what momentum the show had ruined with the hamster wheel all the characters seemed to be on.

Watching the show became like watching a bunch of hamsters on a wheel going around and around and never getting anywhere. It was an endless cycle each episode of it beginning with a rescue, than having to escape, then ending with someone in jeopardy and needing to be rescued to set up the endless cycle to continue in the next episode.

Unfortunately, all the mistakes of last season that the show got away with because they had the juggernaut ratings lead-in of The Voice was taken away and they had to sink or swim on their own on Wednesday nights with no lead-in. It was not a season to do repetitive storytelling and have stories going nowhere fast. As a result the show finally got cancelled.

It's too bad, as the show had a great premise. It just had the wrong team behind it and it just couldn't survive all the bad choices the show made.


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