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Revolution -- Escape From Mexico

Updated on January 18, 2014

Whose side is Julia really on?

Several dangerous rescue attempts were on tap in this episode of Revolution. Not to mention Aaron being thrown together with ex-wife [or since they've never been divorced, current wife] Priscilla. We also had two very shifty women in the forms of Julia and Grace.

Julia seems to be relishing her new role now that her husband has been promoted, perhaps a little too much. Neville wants to know when she's going to get her husband to promote him, but she tells Neville he needs to be patient. But all bets are off when Jason reveals that his new stepdaddy is the one behind the brainwashing camps and that he's even doing worse things and wants to know what Neville is going to do about it. Absolutely nothing it appears. So Jason takes matters into his own hands and searches his stepfather's office. Of course, Julia thinks Neville did it and lambasts him for it. Then she realizes it was Jason and watches from the shadows as Jason is arrested and taken away.

Will Julia let Jason be punished without trying to do something to stop it to keep her new cushy position. I could see her doing it for Neville, cause a man is like a dress. There's always a new one you might like better. But Jason is her son and she's saved him before. Will Lady Macbeth do the right thing or just abandon her son to the fates? If she does, that will definitely show Neville just which side her bread is buttered on.

Priscilla reveals to Aaron he hasn't been the only one seeing the fireflies and other things associated with the nanites. That she thought she was crazy. She apparently came there because of the nanites, as well. Grace explains that since both helped with the code that created the nanites, they consider them to be their parents. When Priscilla wonders why Peter isn't there because he also helped with the code, Neville acts a bit swishy about Peter. Meanwhile, Grace is acting a bit swishy herself as she seems to be spying and eavesdropping on Aaron and Priscilla as they talk. Is it possible she isn't really Grace, but just the latest form the nanites have taken on to communicate with the people they consider to be their parents?

Charlie finds herself in the weird position of being the voice of reason. Usually she rushes in without thinking, but she tries to caution reason over action to her grandfather Gene who wants to rush in to the Patriot's camp and save his friend Lloyd. Of course, Gene doesn't listen and Charlie tells him he's just like Rachel who never listens to anyone and always thinks she's right.

Gene and Charlie find Lloyd but it's too late. He's dead. The Patriots storm in and take them into custody. His old Patriots comrade tells Gene he needs his help. There's been a Typhus outbreak. The question is did the Patriots' cause this with whatever their injecting in the oranges or did this just genuinely happen?

Monroe is thrown in jail by his darling son and Miles decides to rescue him. Unfortunately Bas refuses to leave, since Connor's mentor, Nunez might take it out on him. So Bas stays and tells Miles to go. Unfortunately, Miles gets caught trying to escape. Then Connor's El Patron wants him to prove his loyalty by giving Bas a public beating with a whip which he does.

Meanwhile, Rachel was determined to rescue Miles and since the only way Miles would leave is if Bas is with him, that meant she was also going to have to rescue her dreaded enemy, as well. Lucky for Rachel she's attracted the eye of a young officer.

Okay, if anyone online Elizabeth Mitchell fans heard what I said when I saw that development they'd say I was a jealous hater. I'm like why is he so nuts for her? She's not that young, she's not that attractive and she really is looking pretty ragged and rundown at the moment. All she's got going for her is blonde hair. I'm sorry, but it's true. I can understand Miles being all gaga for her since the attraction began when she was a young hot sexpot, but her sexpot days are long gone. Seriously, this guy could have his pick of a bunch of young hot senoritas but he wants Rachel instead and the only thing it can be is the blonde hair. Unless he's into older women.

Anyway, she dresses herself up and slips into where Miles and Bas are being held prisoner. Connor gives her the key to the cell and tells her to hurry. He says he's doing it to repay Bas for not escaping and getting him in trouble with El Patron. Only young hot soldier sees Rachel sneaking in and they get caught in the act. This causes Connor to have to escape with them.

If Miles had any idea the promises Bas has been making to Connor about the rebirth of the Monroe Militia he would have left him to rot in that prison cell. Seriously, Bas is delusional. After the rotten vile leader he was, does he really think anyone would follow him? He didn't even create the Monroe Militia in the first place, Miles did and he just reaped the benefits and proved what a sadistic leader he was once he was in control all by him lonesome. He's also forgetting about the fact that the Patriots have to be defeated, first. They already tried to execute him once, already. If they find out he's alive they'll try to do it again. Then we've got the Nanites who might become a threat by the time they get the Patriots dispatched. So good old Bas is living in a fool's paradise. His days of being the big leader are over. After what he did who would even follow him?


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