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Revolution -- Georgia On My Mind

Updated on April 25, 2013

I haven’t blogged Revolution since it came back from its super long hiatus because I didn’t think I’d be able to watch it in a timely manner online. I went over to NBC after it aired and there was no new episode posted so I gave it up. I’m not that attached to it. Anyway, when I was watching Secret Life this week on Hulu I saw Revolution advertised and I saw I can watch it, so I’m back to blogging it.

I’ve missed three episodes, but I don’t think I really missed too much. I read online after Charlie finally found Danny they whacked him. Talk about viewer pay-off. The way this show is whacking off its core cast, if it lasts a couple of seasons it’ll have an entirely new cast of characters, which might not be that bad of a thing. Other than that, I’m not having much trouble following the plot and picking up where I left off with the Fall Finale. The characters move but not much tends to really happen.

I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with this show. I love the premise, but I hate the execution. I watched The Stand recently, and it was only a few weeks after mankind was decimated that they got the electricity back on. It makes the people on Revolution waiting 15 or 17 years to finally do something about it look so lame. Yeah, we know why they waited so long to do something. They had to wait until Charlie grew-up. That’s not a good reason to just sit there picking your nails for almost two decades without trying to do something.

I guess the biggest problem with the show is that none of the characters are very root-worthy. Charlie’s annoying. Every time there’s some big dangerous situation, Charlie has to be in the thick of it. And no matter what bad thing she learns about Miles she still follows after him like a devoted puppy.

Speaking of Miles. Yes, he’s hot, but he’s also a crud. I see very little difference between him and Monroe. In fact, he’s kind of worse. He’s the one who created the Monroe Militia and then left his lunatic buddy Sebastian in charge when he didn’t want to play General, any longer. And before he de-camped he could have taken his sister-in-law with him, but left Rachel in the hands on the militia. So much for family. Rooting for Miles is the same thing as rooting for Monroe. There’s very little difference between the two.

Rachel isn’t any great shakes, either. She’s the one who caused the blackout, supposedly all in the name of saving her son. Basically, she put the good of one over the welfare of the entire world. Now that her son’s dead and doesn’t need the power to stay off to survive, she’s all hot to put the power back on. A big F U to all the other people who have these nanites in them that keep them alive. Her kid doesn’t need them anymore, so she can put the power back on now.

I have to admit I’ve never been that impressed by Elizabeth Mitchell. She did nothing for me on Lost and I was glad when she left the show, hoping they’d finally end the ridiculous Sawyer/Juliet pairing, which wouldn’t have never worked for the long haul. They had absolutely nothing in common. She did nothing for me on V, and I think she was woefully miscast as the leader of the resistance. In that role she also put her own needs over the needs of mankind. And she hasn’t done much for me on Revolution, either. I liked Maggie better and I think the show whacked Maggie because it wanted Rachel to be the supposed kick-butt blonde. The big problem with this is Maggie was sympathetic and root-worthy and Rachel isn’t.

Aaron is probably the most likable character, but he’s also a bit of a dirtbag. The way he abandoned his wife because he couldn’t protect her was just such a scummy thing to do. So it’s better to abandon her in a world gone crazy than stay with her. Putz!

Anyway, Rachel was once again abandoning Charlie and this time for good, since she acted like they wouldn’t see each other again. She and Aaron were heading for The Tower to turn the power back on for all of mankind.

The first time I heard about this tower, I immediately thought Stephen King. I think he had a series of novels about some tower. They’ve really borrowed too much from King and presented it in a very substandard way. The big villain seems to be this Randall Flynn. How similar is that to The Stand’s big villain Randall Flagg. Only he’s a lackluster and mediocre version of King’s Flagg.

Anyway, she and Aaron went to find a woman named Jane that had something Rachel needed to turn the power back on. Jane wasn’t happy to see Rachel, although she burned up two lowlifes with some device she had when they were going to sexually assault Rachel. I have to admit I was on Team Jane. Now that Danny’s dead, Rachel doesn’t care if by turning on the powerr she’ll be killing the people who had nanites implanted in them to save their lives. Jane’s girlfriend, Beth, has them in her and they’ve been keeping her cancer at bay and once the power comes on it’ll cause Beth to die. Rachel claimed if she had it all to do over she wouldn’t have done what she did to save Danny’s life. You know what? I don’t buy it. I think she would do the same thing all over again.

When Beth found out the truth, she made Jane give Rachel what she needed, by threatening to cut her wrists. Needless to say, this is another old acquaintance who wants nothing to do with Rachel. So far, any of Rachel’s old acquaintances meet up with her and they end up getting the worst of it.

Alec, was a man Miles knew in the past, who thought he’d meant something to Miles. Only when Alec screwed up a mission, Miles handed him over to the enemy. Now the two are about to face-off in the GeorgiaRepublic, because Sebastian has sent him with a nuclear bomb in his bid to take over the territory. When Charlie saves Miles from Alec by shooting Alec with an arrow, he dares Charlie to ask Miles what he did to her mother. When she does, he doesn’t give her a straight answer. Just says he hurts people and doesn’t care that he does. That’s who he is and to stay away from him. What do you bet Charlie will catch up with Rachel just in time to lead the raid on The Tower? That’s if she doesn’t continue to follow Miles around like a devoted puppy.

The GeorgiaTerritory was a real trip. It’s this richy-rich community. Why haven’t the people in the MonroeTerritory immigrated to this pleasure dome? Once again the people get an idiot sticker stuck on them for continuing to live under martial law and tyranny and not trying to escape to a different better territory to live in where life would be better. This is one of the big problems with the show and how it’s been executed. To buy this we have to believe these people are all mental morons without two brains to rub together. When I worked in a place where I wasn’t treated well, I got out of dodge. I didn’t stay around to be mistreated.

The president of the GeorgiaRepublic turns out to be another of Miles past victims that he screwed over both personally and professionally. She reluctantly lets him go after Alec to take care of him and stop him from blowing her and her richy-rich republic to kingdom come. Later, she offers Miles a troop of men to lead to become general, again, and lead a raid against Sebastian.

So basically nothing much happened. Miles stopped the bad guy, per usual. I can’t recall a plan the bad guys had working if Miles was around to oppose it. Rachel was preparing to head for the tower and that’s about it. Having missed three episodes, I don’t know if this is new intel, but apparently these nanites that cure people of their diseases can’t function when the power is turned on.

It’ll be interesting to see if this show gets renewed for a new season. I still think The Event was a better show than this, but it got stuck against Dancing With The Stars and didn’t have a huge ratings lead-in like The Voice. The characters were better and sympathetic, unfortunately, even after watching the entire series, I’m still not sure what The Event was. Revolution landed in a good ratings situation. Unfortunately, the show has the characters behave like do-nothing couch potatoes who it took two decades to heft themselves off the couch when they finally realized there was no power to power their TVs so they finally decided to do something.


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