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Revolution -- Has Aaron Been Chosen

Updated on October 4, 2013

Just what are Titus and his family up to?

Miles and the Sheriff are put in cages where there blood sample is taken. Apparently the Sheriff's blood isn't what they want, because they shot him point blank in his cage. Then send his corpse back to Camp Rachel riding on a horse. Not wanting to end up like the Sheriff Miles tries to escape only to get caught and to have his hand smashed. Then Miles is dragged into a room where a half-dead looking women is laying on a bed. Something tells me Miles is going to be blood donor for Bride Of Dracula.

Meanwhile, Rachel is trying to get her father Gene to agree to rescue Miles. At first, he refuses then agrees. On the way there they spot a field of dead rats. Is that supposed to be some kind of biblical reference? Of course, the big question is how did they all die. My stomach is turning at the possibilities.

Titus' second in command seals up an envelope with a seal similar to one the Secretary is using. I sincerely hope Titus isn't the President. If the way he's treating prisoners from Camp Rachel is anything to go by, we in trouble now.

Rachel is by Aaron's side when he gasps a breath signalling his return of life. She and Gene have to help him achieve it the rest of the way. Aaron's girlfriend and the local holy man think Aaron is a Messiah. Aaron surmises it must be the nanites but they don't seem to be resurrecting anyone but him. Aaron also has a vision of dying Ben the scares the crap out of him and makes him wonder if he's losing his mind. He finally decides to tell his girlfriend Cyn the truth about himself and the current blackout. He just can't take anymore of her Chosen talk.

Even before this something odd was going on with Aaron. Look at how he seemed to be a magnet for all the fireflies being drawn to him. Maybe it had something to do with him turning off the power, again. Maybe something happened to his body that he's not aware of when that happened.

Charlie and her obsession to kill Monroe gets her in more trouble. She follows the men who kidnapped Monroe and tries to shoot him, only getting shot herself and put in the same pit he's being held prisoner in. The men reveal that their working for the U.S. Government and they want Monroe brought to them alive. They probably need Sebastian to tell them how many others know they're the ones that nuked two major cities to try and make their grab for power.

I know it was wrong to root for Bas to smash Charlie in the face, but she wants to try and fight like a man, let her take a punch like one, as well. Sebastian was being transported to wherever and Psycho Charlie was following to try and make a third attempt at killing him when Sebastian manages to escape. Of course, she tries to stop him and I don't know if he punched her in the face, but he punched her somewhere and I was cheering him on as he escaped.

Her obsession with killing Sebastian keeps getting her in more and more trouble. Bas was right when he told her she's more like her mother than she thinks. Being anything like Rachel is not a good thing. Rachel didn't care how many deaths she caused just to get what she wants. If you start finding yourself acting like that you need to step back and check yourself. What the idiot should be finding out is what these men know about the US Government. Hate to break it to you, Chuckles, but they're a far bigger threat than Monroe now. Get with the program. It took all of one episode to get me back to hating Charlie, again.

Another character acting like Rachel is good old Neville. He convinces a fellow Refugee at the camp that the people the Secretary represents are responsible for dropping the bombs on Philadelphia and Atlanta and they need to assassinate her. The man is all for it since he lost a child in the bombings. Of course, when the assassination attempt goes down Neville the rat turns on his fellow plotter and shoots him to save the Secretary and get in her good graces.

Afterwards Neville tells her she needs someone like him who has a pulse on things and knows what's going on. However, she's not biting just yet. Seems Neville may have to try and play some other loathsome trick to try and get invited into the inner sanctum so he can destroy it from within.

So, per usual, the episode gives more questions than answers. The most interesting story seems to be just what's going on with Aaron. Why was he brought back? If he is Chosen what has he been Chosen for. Will he play an instrumental part in saving Miles from The Family?

Speaking of The Family, what is their connection to El Presidente? Is the guy just a mole in The Family or is The Family a part of the new government that's trying to take over. So far, El Presidente's group seem more kin to Milburn Drysdale while The Family seem more like the Beverly Hillbillies. What could these two groups possibly have in common?

Speaking of The President, just what has he been doing all these years as he's waited for the power to come back on? And if he had Randall Flynn trying to put the power back on did he also order the power to be turned off? If so, why? Was his power about to be taken from him and he figured by destroying the entire infrastructure he could keep his power and never have to give up being President?

Finally, if Neville does succeed in getting into the inner circle, will he once again be seduced by power and forget all about his plan to destroy from within? Or will his love for his wife be strong enough to overcome his greed?


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