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Revolution -- Level 11

Updated on May 29, 2013

Original Airing: May 27, 2013

The funniest thing to come out of this episode was the nickname for the subterranean survivors: the MOthers. The M is for mole, because they live underground and others for Lost’s infamous Others. Other hilarious online observations made was if the nanites also ate up all the refuse that must have built-up after living 15 years underground and if one of the MOthers foraged above the ground for food.

The episode picked up where it left off with Rachel threatening to blow herself and Bas up. Did anyone really think she’d really do it? She hesitated long enough so she could be tackled and the grenade safely taken away from her. Meanwhile, Aaron must have been cowering in the woods, instead of heading to the Tower door to try and gain access, which is what he was supposed to be doing during Rachel’s diversion.

The good guys arrive near the Tower. Neville questions Miles right in front of Nora The Ninny about what his feelings are for Rachel. Sorry, Nora, but do the freaking math. When you were kidnapped by Bas, he didn’t lift a finger to help or rescue you. Rachel is in Monroe’s hands and he’s all for face off against Monroe’s troops to save her. Sweetie, keep your clothes on and your legs closed. If the guy won’t even lift a finger to save you, have some self-respect and not continue to service him. If she’d had any brains, she would have followed her sister instead of staying with Miles.

Lucky for Rachel, Bas needs her to open the Tower. When Rachel’s hand is put over the lock, the doors open. Flynn believes that Grace escaped and locked him out and let Rachel in. Flynn gives a tour of the weapons inside to Bas as they head to the elevator. He says the stuff Bas wants is on Level 12. Unfortunately, when they get in the elevator it only goes down to Level 11. When they arrive there, the MOthers attack them, with Rachel and Bas managing to find shelter in a bunker Rachel claimed was Cheney’s undisclosed location.

Rachel refuses to help Bas get into the gun cabinet because he killed Danny. Bas reveals to her he also has a son, and he’s been trying to find him. When she sees Charlie on Level 11 in The Tower, Bas promises to save her, so Rachel opens the cabinet for him.

Team Miles finds Aaron cowering in the woods. Neville and Jason cause a diversion so Aaron can open the Tower for the rest. Then Miles closes the door, abandoning Jason and Neville to Monroe’s men. Take a good look at that, Nora. They’re expendable to Miles, just like you are.

Jason and Neville are taken prisoner and Neville starts working on one of the men named Riley, pointing out how Monroe has turned on pretty much everyone who trusted him. Neville puts himself up as new leader, and Jason actually goes along with it. Riley returns saying he’s recruited some men for the cause. It seems Jason and Neville are going to put aside their differences for the moment to save their lives. I have to say that I think Neville might be even a worse leader than Bas. But, hey, the people they were with abandoned them and they sure weren’t going to come and rescue them. You have to do what you have to so you can survive.

Inside the Tower Team Miles heads down to Level 11, as well. Miles is upset when he sees a blond lying on the floor dead and is relieved when he sees it isn’t Rachel. They run for it when they see someone else is coming down in the elevator. They try to make it to the Armory just as the MOthers attack. Miles and Nora get separated from Aaron and Charlie. Charlie is almost killed when Bas arrives and saves her before taking off. Charlie wants to go after him and kill him, but Rachel stops her. Then they find themselves surrounded by the MOthers.

Meanwhile Miles and Sebastian run into each other and both have nasty guns in their hands. Let me guess? Before Miles can kill Bas the MOthers will surround them? Miles will look like a bigger loser if he lets Bas live after vowing to kill him because of Emma.

Rachel knows the leader of the MOthers. He’s a man named Dan, who reveals his group is dedicated to protecting the weapons the Tower contains. Grace is with them. When she learns Rachel wants to turn the power back out, she reveals to Charlie and Aaron that if Rachel turns on the power she could set the earth on fire.

It would have been hilarious if they’d played, “I don’t want to set the world on fire,” as it faded out and the credits rolled.

Rachel really is a lot like Miles. She doesn’t care the damage she causes so long as she gets what she wants. Although Ben was no great shakes, either. Rachel tried to get him to stop the launch because she was afraid what could happen if it went on as scheduled. In short, they’d black-out the whole world, but Ben refused to do it. At that point, Rachel told him after it was over, she wanted to take a break from him.

In a flashback that took place after the blackout, Rachel was feeling guilty for all the damage they did. She said every person that died was because of what they did. Ben, however, told her to just think about keeping their kids safe. Great guy.

So basically the situation is this: outside the Tower Neville is poised to taking over the Monroe Militia and inside you’ve got the MOthers who will do anything to protect Level 12. Is there even a lesser of two evils here?


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