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Revolution -- More Of Miles And Rachel's Past Is Revealed

Updated on May 15, 2013

Original Airing: May 13, 2013

Most of the action in this episode involved Sebastian sending bombers to drop bombs on Miles’ camp.

The episode started out with Nora tells Miles their night of hot monkey sex was a mistake as ultimately one of them would have to watch the other one die. Meanwhile, Neville put a gun in Jason’s hand and told him to finish the job he started on the boat when he left him to die. When he can’t, he and Charlie go for a walk and hear the sound of incoming planes. She runs up into the bell tower to sound the alarm. Then it’s bombs bursting in air.

Tom goes with Miles and Nora to look for Jason and Charlie. They find an injured Jason who reveals Charlie is trapped beneath the rubble of the bell tower. Neville says he’ll get Jason to safety, while Nora and Miles go to rescue Charlie. On the way there, Miles says he can’t leave Charlie to die the way he did her mother.

During flashbacks of the past it’s revealed that Rachel used herself as bait so Ben could escape with the kids where Miles couldn’t find him. During Rachel and Miles’ confrontation it’s revealed they had an affair, adding fuel to the fire of the fan speculation that Miles is really Charlie’s father. Miles turns nasty when Rachel describes their fling as ugly and something she regrets. He tells her he’s still going to find Ben and make him put the lights back on.

Okay, I’ve got to make an editorial comment here. Isn’t this the exact same story we just saw play out between Bas, Emma and Miles. Miles passed out on the couch drunk while Bas and Emma get it on and a baby was the result? Now it sounds like the exact same thing happened with Miles, Rachel and Ben. Come on, guys, a little originality, please.

During the attempt to rescue Charlie, Miles has to choose between Charlie and Nora and picks Charlie. As a result, Nora is captured about brought to Sebastian, who may be even more unstable than usual.

Jeremy, the last person who is loyal to Bas gets tarred with the same brush as Miles and Neville did. He becomes convinced Jeremy was in on an attempt to take him out. As a result, he has Jeremy executed. But before he does Jeremy tells him he and his raging paranoia are the reason both Neville and Miles betrayed him. Right after he has Jeremy killed one of his men reports to him Jeremy was innocent, so Bas knows he executed the only person who was truly loyal to him. That’s sure to make this Unstable Mabel even more unstable.

While getting Jason to the hospital, Neville reveals he’s done a lot of horrible things, but a line he can’t cross is to leave his son to die. Later, at the hospital, when he sees Charlie and Jason kissing, Neville doesn’t seem to like it.

Meanwhile, Aaron is still refusing to leave Rachel, so she has him install a nanite in her leg to heal it so they can continue on their way to The Tower. It works and her leg is healed, unfortunately, a man witnesses it and takes them prisoner, wanting them to do the same for their son. Rachel examines the man’s son and promises they can help the boy but there’s something they need. It’s at this point Rachel shows her true colors to Aaron and knocks the stars he has in his eyes about her right out of the sky.

She reveals she’s not going to help the kid and intends to let him die. She only said she would so they’d let them go. The only thing she cares about is putting the power back on so she Sebastian will be killed for killing her son. If he wants to stay and help the kid, he’s welcome to do it, but she’s going on her way.

Yeah, Aaron the woman you’re so unfailingly loyal to and you won’t abandon like you did your wife is unworthy of it. Sucks to be you, dude. What Rachel is is a female Miles Matheson. Turns out when these two hooked up it was a perfect match.

Finally the Georgia President informs Miles that she’s thisclose to waving the white flag of defeat to Bas and surrendering. She’s lost too many men trying to take on Bas and she wants to save the ones she has left.


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