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Revolution -- On The Road To Mexico

Updated on January 12, 2014

Now what are the Patriots up to?

For some reason when Monroe and Miles headed to Mexico with their blonde Dorothy Lamore, I kept thinking of the old Bing Crosby and Bob Hope On The Road movies. I could even imagine Monroe and Bas belting out an On The Road song as they made their way south of the border. And when they ran into trouble, they could have easily done the old Patty-Cake Patty-Cake routine where they punched out the guys after them and made a run for it.

Anyway, if you thought Miles would die, then you don't know this show. He's one of the sacred characters that will never die no matter how bad the situation looks. In fact he made a miraculous recovery. And once he did Bas start demanding he take him to his son. Miles agreed because they still need Bas for the fight against the Patriots and he wanted Rachel to go along with him because when he and Bas are together people tend to die. Rachel found it a bitter pill to swallow that she was going to help Bas find his son after he killed hers. But she went.

Bas was affronted that Miles stashed his kid down in Mexico. He said when he did it was more prosperous. Now it's back to being the poor country we all know. No big shock that his son Connor is the leader of the local band of thugs. Let's just say Connor isn't thrilled to see his Daddy and Miles drags Bas out and tells him to let it go. It's time they return to fight the Patriots.

Of course, Bas sneaks away and thinks by revealing he's the great Sebastian Monroe and offering to lay the world at Connor's feet if he joins up with him that Connor will want to be his son. What Connor wants is Monroe's head on a pike as he arrests him. In short, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Connor is as rotten and vicious a leader as Sebastian was.

Meanwhile Aaron believes the Nanite kid wants him to go to the place he said he was from. Actually, I don't think the kid wants anything from him. After the atrocious way Aaron acted. He told him to go away and that's what he did. But Aaron is now convinced he must go there. So he sneaks away and when he arrives there the first person he sees is Grace.

Neville and Julia truly are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Julia kept pushing Neville to kill their target and when he didn't she started trashing him for being weak. Meanwhile Neville started to wonder if the only reason she wanted the man dead was so her new husband would get promote as the big man in charge. I frankly think Neville is right not to trust her. He even warned her if she's lying to him he'll kill her, as he goes ahead and assassinates the man. Meanwhile Jason sees something on the desk of the man Neville plans to kill and looks shocked. Could it be something about his mother that proves she can't be trusted?

Finally, Gene and Charlie go in search of Aaron and discover the Patriots are up to something. Gene looks disturbed at how easily Charlie kills one of the men driving the big wagon filled with something. He should see his darling daughter in action. When they look to see what they were hauling they find crate after crate of oranges. So what nefarious deeds are they planning to perpetrate with the innocent looking oranges?

From the things Sebastian was saying to Connor it's obvious the man hasn't changed and the first opportunity he gets he'll seek to get back in power, but as he's broken he's a horrible brutal dictator. Now he's got some fantasy about how he and his son will co-rule like their royalty and part of the monarchy or something. So the best thing might be to use him for everything he's worth then dispose of him, because once the Patriots are gone, he could very easily rise as the next threat, again.

Can Julia really be trusted. I think my answer to that is a big NO. She really seems to enjoy her life as a high ranking politician's wife. Will she really give it up to be with Neville and Jason, again? Somehow I doubt it, especially since when Jason was programmed he said she was cheating on Neville. If she betrayed him when he was already in a high position in the Monroe Militia, what's to stop her from betraying him again now she's got a husband who is in a high position in the new regime? All he has to do is do her killing for her and she outs him and she's set for life. I do think she's draw the line at killing her own kid, though. I guess only time will tell to see who's side Julia really is on.

What is Grace doing in the town the Nanite Kid said he was from? Just what happened to her after the power came back on? And just why is she in that town? Have the nanites been in contact with her, as well. Has she been more open to them than Aaron was?

For the first episode back after the Christmas break it wasn't all that exciting and nothing really happened. Hopefully the next episode will find more developments happening in the story. And not that the show has two age appropriate men for Charlie, will she reunite with Jason or get together with Bas' son, Connor?


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