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Revolution -- Reunion

Updated on February 5, 2014

Old lovers, friends and enemies reunite

That was the big philosophical questions poised on this episode. What classifies something as being a God. If you talk to Aaron's friend Peter it's the nanite.

Aaron and Priscilla arrived in Lubbock and found their old friend Peter acting like an evangelist holding a revival meeting in a tent where he was using the nanites to heal people and proclaiming it was the work of God. Needless to say it's a less than happy reunion. Aaron tells Peter it's not God, but the nanites their code created, and he wants Peter to tell the people the truth. Peter's answer to that is to lock Aaron and Priscilla in a room, proclaiming it's more important for people to have faith than for them to know the truth.

The big question remains is why the nanites wanted, nay demanded, Aaron and Priscilla come to Lubbock. Did Nanite Cyn claim all would be clear once they came to Lubbock? Do the nanites want Aaron and Priscilla to see them as Gods the way Peter does? If so, it aint going to happen, because they know their man-made creations and will never accept them as Gods. And if they want to be seen as Gods than these nanites are already becoming a problem.

Connor escapes Truman's office with the antidote thanks to sharp shooter Miles plucking off a couple of the soldiers. Meanwhile, Rachel manages to revive Papa Gene just in time to give him the cure, and to use it on all the other people that were made sick. Afterwards, the gang rides out the front gates without being apprehended. Unfortunately, Truman finds a hypo with some of the cure and injects himself, meaning he'll live to try and commit genocide on more people.

It's decided Monroe and Connor will go to a camp Monroe knows of to try and hire soldiers for their resistance. Little does Miles know that he's unknowingly helping Monroe achieve his pipe dream and bribe to get Connor to accept him as his daddy of rebuilding the Monroe Militia. Charlie decides to go with them, leaving behind Rachel, Miles and Gene.

Later that night Rachel and Miles slip away and Rachel says she thinks having to wait twenty years for another ride on the Rachel Train is long enough and peels off her top. Of course, if Papa Gene knew about this he'd have a fit. However, since all the stuff he's gotten up to he'll hardly be in any position to say boo about it.

So will this finally silence the conspiracy theorists that are sure that Miles is Charlie's father or will this just add fuel to their fires. Just how old is Charlie? Is it within the realm of possibilities that Miles could be Charlie's father? At least we now know the last time Rachel and Miles have gotten up close and personal with each other.

Monroe, Connor and Charlie arrive at the camp, and while Monroe is reuniting with old acquaintances that aren't happy to see him, Connor and Charlie are doing date night. Date night quickly turns into a quick roll in the dirt. Connor has hopes for a bright future as Daddy's heir apparent once the militia has been reborn, but Charlie reveals a more realistic view of things in that they'll all be dead sooner rather than later, so why not seize the day and screw your brains out.

Monroe walks in on the tryst and is no happier about it than the shippers who want Charlie to be rolling in the dirt with Daddy Monroe even though up until recently she'd been trying to kill him for killing her brother. Shippers will probably choose to believe Daddy Monroe was jealous, but he claims if Miles finds out he'll be upset and they need Miles to rebuild the militia.

Daddy Monroe found out to hire the soldiers they need they'll need a lot of diamonds so the trio plan a heist. They think they've got it all figured out with a clever bait and switch. Charlie will run with what everyone will think is the diamonds, while Daddy Monroe and Connor will just hang out unsuspected. Only that's not how it goes. While Charlie's part of the plan works and she escapes, they figure out Monroe and Connor have the diamonds and capture them. In short, this is the set-up for another rescue of the week.

I've seen people complaining that the weekly rescue is getting old and boring and they kind of have a point. Every episode seems to almost be the same. Someone is in jeopardy from the last episode, they're quickly rescued in the opening sequence, then a flawless escape is made and then by the end of the episode someone is in danger and need of rescuing. That can get really old fast, They really need to start mixing things up a bit.

Meanwhile Neville is taken out of his cell and brought to El Presidente. You know the dude that condones the youth brainwashing camp to turn young men into killing machines and who is spreading Typhus to anyone he considers undesirable and not fit to live in his new regime and who bombed two cities full of people to regain his seat of power? In short, the dude someone needs to fling a flesh eating bacteria on so he'll be consumed by the vermin and cease to exist.

He tells Neville he's giving him an assignment to find Monroe and to execute him. As incentive he shows Neville a picture of Julia and she aint looking good. He adds if he doesn't succeed he'll have her head cut off and delivered to him. He lets Jason go with Neville on the mission. And as quick as you can say, "Mien, fuhrer!" Neville and Jason are arriving at Camp Rachel and Neville is giving his spiel. Miles doesn't trust him, so he asks Jason if he's telling the truth, but Miles has no clue what the kid has been through or that his mother's life is in danger, so Jason lies that Neville is telling the truth.

I'm guessing that since Charlie is on the way back there and she and Jason will see each other for the first time since the lights came back on and went back off, a triangle may be in the offing. That's probably why they had the quick hook-up with Connor and Charlie.

There won't be a new episode until after the Olympics. I have to say the story that I'm most interested in is Neville, Julia and Jason. The others have been kind of meh with me.


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