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Revolution -- The Death Of Sebastian Monroe

Updated on October 31, 2013

Rachel and her father have more in common than they think

I'm a democrat. I'm saying this so people don't think I'm a Republican and that's why I'm saying what I'm about to say. I'm not a fan of the Republican Party, but there are times this show goes a little too far tarring Republicans with a black paint brush. Last season it bothered me the whole Cheney's secret bunker where the place was located to turn on the power. The insinuation seemed to be the Republicans were behind the blackout. So it was with a bit of eye rolling when it was revealed The President is from Texas. In short, he's from the land of Shrub and Shrub Jr.

I honestly don't think any show should play politics. Granted, I have my issues with the Republican Party, but I also have to believe there's got to be good people in the party as well as bad people. I don't believe they'd all bomb two cities just to make a power grab as this show seems to be hinting at.

Anyway, Miles hopes of aligning with Texas was blown apart when the Texas Contingent came prancing into town arm-in-arm with The Patriots with a caged Sebastian as the catch of the day.

While I'm not a fan of Elizabeth Mitchell and think she's high overrated, in the scene were she sneakily flashes an evil sick smile at seeing Sebastian in a cage she presented the face of a true American psycho. Both Miles and Charlie weren't happy because they both understood they needed his help against The Patriots. Per Usual all Rachel cared about was what Rachel wanted.

Aware that Miles and Charlie plan to break Monroe out of his jail cell before he can be executed, she tips off The Patriots about what their going to do, ruining the plan. Rachel, however, claims she wasn't the one who turned Monroe into The Patriots to begin with. Charlie calls her out on her selfish behavior.

As it turns out the turncoat that outted Sebastian was Rachel's daddy, Gene, who is thick as thieves with the enemy. This man explain why Dear Rachel hasn't gotten the Monroe treatment and been put in a cage and sentenced to a lethal injection herself. If she is, Daddy won't play ball with them.

Sebastian has flashbacks of what led him down the trail of debauchery he followed. Seems good ole Miles started the descent. Miles wanted to raid a fellow camp or all their food and resources, but Sebastian was against it. That was, until his girlfriend died in childbirth and his child died with her. After that, he went after the camp and took no prisoners.

Sebastian asks Miles to visit him and he tells him he had sex with Emma and she had his son. He asks Miles to look after the boy, and gets the shock of his life. Emma told Miles and he's actively kept the child hidden from Sebastian all these years.

What Miles should have said was, "That's okay, Bas. While you were screwing my girlfriend behind MY back I was screwing my brother's wife behind HIS back." Talk about two peas in a pod.

As Sebastian is taken to his execution he tells Charlie to look after Miles, forgiving him for what he did, and tells Rachel he's sorry for what he did. Then Turncoat Daddy Gene gets all up in Monroe's face saying you killed my grandson. Yeah, and how many grandsons and daughters has your darling daughter killed to save your grandson to begin with?

Rachel injects the lethal injection and is later seen digging up Monroe's body. I figured she switched the lethal injection after Charlie made her take a good look at herself for two seconds.

Meanwhile the Secretary leads Neville to the re-programming center. They find a bunch of mangled corps. She explains that once you've been re-programmed you pretty much turn into a mindless killing machine. She explains that the same thing was done to her son. They broke him down and rebuilt him and he was never the same and it appears the same thing happened to Jason. The instant he sees Neville he tries to kill him. Neville vows to save him, but if not for the Secretary knocking Psycho Jackson senseless Neville would be dead at the hands of his own son.

Aaron gets friendly with one of Texas' entourage and she doesn't seem like a true believer. She says she's a writing that's just selling this bogus image to the people. She also warns Aaron he needs to get out of Willoughby while the getting is good since it's now part of the good old Texas Union and that sounds like it's a place you don't really want to be.

Was what Jason said to Neville true and Julia cheated on him and Jason knew it? And can Neville really undo what's been done to Jason? They didn't have the most loving relationship in the past. Could Charlie be the key to bringing back the old Jason? He loved her once? Everyone has been speculating who Charlie's new love interest will be. Could it be Jason?

Sebastian saying they could use Neville on their team could be foreshadowing to Neville join their ranks against The Patriots. If so, it would be an interesting dynamics of all these former enemies having to band together to fight the new common enemy.

It does seem that with Neville determined to save Jason, he's going to have to give up his plan to infiltrate the Patriots and destroy them from the inside. And now that he's been told his wife has been unfaithful will Neville and the Secretary get together?

Finally what will Psycho Rachel and company do when they realize Daddy Gene is a turncoat? The last Patriot turncoat Rachel discovered was an old friend and that didn't stop her from whacking him. Will she do the same to her own father?


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