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Revolution -- The Fall Finale

Updated on November 27, 2012

The Fall Finale leading into the Winter Hiatus features flashbacks of Miles and Sebastian’s relationship.

Before the blackout happened Miles found Sebastian drinking at the graves of his family. His parents and two sisters were killed by a drunk driver. Sebastian felt he had lost everything, but Miles said he still had him.

Flash forward to fiver years after the blackout. Miles and Sebastian are involved in a gun battle. Miles gets shot, but Sebastian refuses to leave him. Miles tells Sebastian he needs to lead the men. So, apparently, Sebastian has been running the militia for the last ten years.

This all leads up to the Miles and Sebastian face-to-face confrontation. But before that happens Miles uses Nora to expose her boobs to get access to Major Kipling’s house, who is the last friend Miles has in the militia. They need to take shelter because Chuckles head is bleeding and she’s wobbly on her feet.

Meanwhile Sebastian is woken by Neville who tells him Miles is in town. Neville suggests Sebastian go to Boston, but Sebastian refuses to run. He mentions there’s a border war with Georgia about to erupt and he needs Rachel to finish the amplifier so he can have the edge over them.

Kipling’s house israided by Neville. Neville drugs Chuckles and drags her away. When she wakes up she’s locked in a room with her mother. It’s not a huggy-kissy reunion. Chuckles doesn’t want Rachel to come near her. She also doesn’t want to hear Rachel’s explanations for what happened. Rachel asks if Miles hurt Chuckles. Since Chuckles doesn’t want to hear how Rachel ended up Sebastian’s prisoner she can’t get that it’s because Miles had everything to do with her imprisonment.

Miles threatens Julia to make Neville hand over his friends. I really loved Julia telling Miles to go ahead and cut her throat. She’s not some begging for her life kind of woman.

She tells Neville not to cooperate. Unfortunately, Neville doesn’t have balls of steel like his wife and he caves, but he can only bring Miles to Nora and Aaron. Miles locks Julia and Neville up in the closet, with Neville vowing to kill him one day, as they head off to the power plant to find Chuckles.

Chuckles and Rachel are taken to Danny. Then Rachel is given the choice to finish the amplifier or one of her kids die. Chuckles pulls a Julia and dares them to kill her and tells her mother not to cooperate and Rachel pulls a Neville by caving into their demands. While Rachel goes to work on the amplifier, watched over by Strausser, who disgustingly tells Rachel he hopes he tries to double cross them so he can have a piece of Chuckles. Danny and Chuckles are put back in the cell Rachel and Chuckles were previously in. It doesn’t take them long to escape. As they are they run into Miles and Chuckles tells him that Rachel’s alive. Miles, however, doesn’t fess up to the part he played in Rachel leaving her family and becoming a prisoner of the militia.

Miles promises to rescue Rachel while Frick and Frack go and find Aaron and Nora. Before Miles comes to save Rachel, she kills Strausser for what he’s done to her. Did Sebastian let his men play with Rachel? Rachel doesn’t seem all that thrilled to see Miles as she slaps him in the face. Then Miles holds off Sebastian so Rachel can get her kids.

As Miles and Sebastian face-off we learn the Monroe Militia symbol was something Miles and Sebastian created as children. Sebastian says he’s more Miles family than Rachel and her kids are. Sebastian says he’s not going to hurt Miles. He wants Miles to come back to the militia. He says he forgives Miles. He’ll let his family live.

Miles thought Rachel was dead, while Sebastian digs him that he shouldn’t have left her behind. After Bas throws away his gun, Miles lowers his own. Then Miles says he’s sorry he didn’t kill Sebastian the first time because Sebastian has changed. Miles and Sebastian engage in fight to the death. Only Miles doesn’t kill Sebastian, again, and for it.

Aaron and Rachel seem to know each other when they meet. When Team Chuckles is all back together, Sebastian uses the amplifier to send a helicopter after them. Fade to black.

Any suspense the cliffhanger might have had was kind of ruined by the promo for Spring 2013 showing that they all seem to escape the military helicopter with the gun trained on them. As cliffhangers go, I’ve seen a lot better. It’s hardly worthy of a four month hiatus. The real question is when Revolution returns will the audience return with it or will they have moved on to better shows by then?


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