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Revolution -- The Finale Was Better Than The Entire Series

Updated on June 4, 2013

Putting on the electricity was only the beginning

First off, is it just me or is this show not so subtly suggesting it was the Republicans are behind turning off all the power? Rachel claimed the bunker where The Tower was located was Cheney's undisclosed location. There were pictures of Republican presidents hanging on the walls. And the key card for The Tower was hidden behind Reagan's portrait. I'm surprised the show went so political. Granted, I'm no fan of the Republicans, but to suggest they threw the world in darkness so most of the rabble would kill each other than having them nuking Philadelphia and Georgia to take back power is a bit much. I really don't think politics should be brought into a TV show and in this fashion. It's just going a bit too far.

The Bas vs. Miles death combat scenes took on ridiculous proportions. Each time one of them claimed they were going to kill the other, at just the right moment they were interrupted. First the MOthers started shooting at them and the two got washed down the drain [literally, and this absolutely cracked me up] as the tunnel filled with water and there was the two of them getting washed down a drain pipe and outside The Tower. Then when they went at it again, the Militia start firing at them. Hopefully, they've finally dealt with this so we never have to go through this ridiculous scene again, as neither is going to be able to kill the other.

Bas told Miles he never cared about the Militia and he just did it all for Miles and Miles said he can't kill Bas because as much as he hates it Bas is still his brother. When Bas got captured by Neville's men, Miles rescued him and told him to run for his life.

What lead to the Miles/Bas estrangement was finally revealed. Miles and Sebastian were celebrating Miles' birthday when the place they were in got bombed. When Bas killed not only the man responsible but his entire family, that proved to be too much for Miles and he tried to kill Sebastian. And that's how he left the Militia and went off on his own.

Funniest scene had to be Neville telling Bas he has a borderline erotic fixation on Miles. At that moment Neville became the voice of the fans trying to sexualize the friendship two men share. It used to be fans couldn't understand a man and woman being friends without sex coming into it. Now it's become two men and two women can't just be friends without it being sexual. Unfortunately, what it says about fans like these is they have no concept of friendship and have to turn everything into sex. It makes them seem very sad and pathetic and that goes for the media who does the same thing.

I knew Neville as head of the Militia would be a real Nightmare On Elm Street and he quickly proved me right. The only different between him and Bas, is Bas is more straightforward in his psychotic behavior and Neville is more cunning about it. He made it look like he was going to let go one of the men who was against him and then he faked the man trying to kill him and then shot him point blank. That way the men will think he'll deal with them fairly and squarely and not be a little tin dictator like Bas was.

Neville's first order as leader was to blast a hole in The Tower so they could enter and stop Rachel from putting the electricity back on, since that will mean the end of his little tin dictatorship. He attempts to make peace with Jason and even promises not to harm Rachel and Charlie, but once he's inside The Tower he gives the order for them to be killed.

Somehow Nora didn't get washed down the drain with Miles and Bas and she returns to Rachel and company to tell them what happened to Miles. She also tells Rachel that she knows Miles loves Rachel and that Rachel loves Miles. That if there's a choice, Miles will always choose Rachel.

Aaron is disturbed when he learns the code for The Tower was written by him and not happy when Grace suggests to him it was no accident that Ben found him. In short, everything he thought about his friendship with Ben was a lie and Ben was just trying to keep a valuable asset like him close. It also sheds new light on why Ben gave Aaron the pendant.

The possibility of setting the world on fire didn't serve as any great deterrent to Team Turn The Power Back On. A trick wire was rigged to blow most of the MOthers to kingdom come only they were smarter than the average bear and saw it. So Nora threw a fire extinguisher at them and when they took a shot they blew themselves up. Nora, however, was shot and it was a replay of Maggie's death, as Nora began to bleed out.

Charlie wanted Rachel to give up her Tower Plan to save Nora, but she refused. Rachel claimed she had to do this for Danny. Not really buying that. She could have just popped Bas and herself for Danny and not run the risk of murdering all the people left on the planet. Charlie even tried playing the I'm Your Kid, Too Card only it didn't have much affect on Rachel. Rachel didn't care that Charlie was alive, all she cared about was Danny was dead and his death must be avenged.

People have been suggesting that Miles is Charlie's father, but what if he was Danny's father, instead? There's got to be a reason she loves one kid more than the other and it could be whose father the kid is. Rachel didn't really seem to be that into Ben and she was even planning to leave him before the blackout happened.

Rachel insisted Aaron come with her to The Tower, so Charlie was left behind with a drying Nora. It actually reminded me of Maggie's death, only with Maggie's death I cried, with Nora's I didn't feel much.

Miles managed to climb through the hole into The Tower and find Charlie and Nora. He tried to carry her to the infirmary, but she died before they could make it. Then Miles and Charlie joined Rachel in The Tower room as Neville was trying to gain access to it to stop them from turning on the power.

When Rachel saw Charlie she was all smiles and "Hi, sweetie," and Charlie was like, "Get away from me bitch! Nora's dead and it's all your fault." Then Aaron popped in his code and turned the power back on.

Aaron and Neville's wives were shown to be at home when the power suddenly comes on. Bas is running in the desert when there's all these bolts of lightning and I'm like, "That crazy bitch just set the world on fire." Then that's all forgotten when Flynn shows up.

Earlier in the episode he'd swiped a key card to The Tower from behind Regan's portrait. He enters into a room ahead of the one Rachel and company are in and reveals he was just waiting for the power to be turned back on and sometimes you needed to tear something down to rebuild it better. When Aaron was entering the code he suggested the power didn't go off by accident, but someone had done it on purpose. It seems Aaron was right and Flynn was behind it, but just who is behind Flynn?

Flynn reveals he was only cozying up to Bas because he thought he might be the one to turn the power back on and once he did, he planned to kill Bas. Then Flynn aims two missiles at Georgia and Philadelphia to destroy the militias there. Before blowing his brains out, Flynn reveals he's a patriot.

Off in Cuba where the United States Colony exists The President gets word that the moment he's been waiting has finally comes as he prepares to return home and to take back control of the United States.

So it seems that it's shades of Last Resort where the evil President started a war so he wouldn't be impeached. Only this mystery President put the world in darkness and sat back in some safe location as anarchy reigned and no telling how many millions died. Looks like the various factions that have been fighting with each other will have to ban together to fight against this big bad ugly coming to town.

I really enjoyed the finale. I thought the real story had finally begun. Hopefully season two will have the show getting its act together and not committing the mistakes it made throughout the first season.


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