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Revolution -- The Nanites Turn On Aaron

Updated on November 21, 2013

The Fall Finale leaves a lot of cliffhangers until the show returns

When Rachel, Miles and Charlie go in to rescue Aaron they find he managed to rescue himself. Rachel's tude about her father has changed and she wanted to rescue him, but Miles says Aaron has to be first priority so they leave Gene behind in Patriot Headquarters. Outside the atmosphere is very strange and Miles comments it's unusual weather for this time of year. He asks if it's because of the nanites Rachel and her buddies let loose in the air.

Unfortunately, our would-be rescuers run into a nest of Patriots and need rescuing themselves. Luckily for them Bas comes out of the bushes and slits a few throats. But don't fit him for those hero pants, yet. Now that he knows his son is alive, his redemption tour is over. He only saved Miles and his crew to get Miles to tell him where his son is. Once he gets that info he intends to leave them high and dry.

That's when Miles takes him aside and pulls up the sleeve of his shirt to show lines going up his arm. Minute I saw those lines I need what it was. Blood poisoning. Real-life story. I got some kind of staph infection in my finger and it hurt and started turning green, but you've got to hold a gun to my head to get me to go see a doctor. So a co-worker said I might be able to draw the poison out by soaking my finger in the hottest water I was able to stand. I was also warned if lines started going up my arm I needed to get to a doctor at once cause that would mean it had gone into my blood and I had blood poisoning. Luckily, the hot water worked and the gross green stuff started seeping out of my finger after a lot of really hot water and 20 minute soaks at a time.

So Miles is kind of doomed. The only person that could save his life they left back at Patriot Headquarters. The only thing that could help him is the nanites. Unfortunately, Aaron will do something that makes that an impossibility, as well. Meaning Miles is dead meat.

Miles tells Bas if he stays with them and helps save Aaron he'll tell him what he wants to know. So Bas stays for the moment. Thanks to Charlie's superior tracking skills, they track down where Aaron and Cyn are hiding. Unfortunately, the Patriots are already there and an all-out fight ensues.

Before they ran into this latest nest of vipers, Charlie and Rachel told each other they loves each other. It came about when Rachel was regretting she almost gassed her Daddy and wanted to return to Patriot HQ on her own to rescue him. Miles convinces her to stay and save Aaron first.

Miles and Rachel and Charlie and Bas separate and run into Patriots. Bas heads for the nearest exist to let Charlie fend for her self. But he later comes back and helps her. Meanwhile, Rachel and Miles get pinned down by their own Patriot Party and Miles collapses on the floor. Rachel finally discovers Miles has blood poisoning and she refuses to leave him.

Earlier, Miles had a flashback of when he and Rachel were younger and her offering to leave Ben to be with him, but him telling her he didn't want her and to go back to Ben. I'm still trying to figure out if Elizabeth Mitchell in that wig and heavy make-up to make her look younger was a good or bad look. Anyway, since Miles is about to kick the bucket he decides to finally tell Rachel the truth and that she was always THE ONE for him.

Since the flashback happened six years before the blackout, the Charlie is Miles' daughter speculation has reared its ugly head again. Me, I think Danny was the one who was actually Miles kid and that's why Rachel always loved him more; because he was Miles' son, the guy she really loved.

Anyway, just when all seems hopeless Bas, Charlie and Rachel [Miles is either passed out or dead] watch in horror as their Patriot tormentors burst into flames before their eyes. But even though they're safe from the Patriots, Miles is dying. Can he be saved?

Aaron wakes up not knowing how he escaped Patriot Headquarters or how Cyn was healed. It was the nanites. They took over Aaron and helped him carry Cyn out then healed her. Is Aaron grateful? Not exactly. He discovers the little boy he's been talking to is the nanite representative and instead of talking to him like the kid wants him to do, in typical Aaron fashion her runs away. Cyn has to convince him to go back and speak to the kid.

The boy explains that Aaron activated them. There's a flashback of Aaron turning on the power as a bolt of lightning nearly zaps Bas. That's why they saved him and saved Cyn for him. The boy explains they also burned the Patriot soldiers because that's what he wanted to happen to them in his mind. Instead of trying to learn more about them, perhaps to build some kind of relationship with them, he tells them to go away and leave him alone. Real gratitude there. The boy in turn tells him the Patriots have arrived. Do you really want him to go away now, Aaron?

While Aaron and Cyn try to run for it, Horn manages to corner them. He demands Aaron heal his brain tumor. When Aaron says he can't, Horn threatens to shoot Cyn. Aaron starts yelling for the kid to comeback and help him. Meanwhile Horn who is more than a little nuts goes ahead and shoots Cyn, killing her. You don't kill your only bargaining chip, but you do if you show your not bluffing.

The boy pops back up and Aaron tells him to kill them all. That he orders the boy to kill Horn and his Patriot compadres. And he does just that. All over the building Horn and his Patriots are going up in flames. Then Aaron asked the kid to save Cyn, only the kid asks Aaron a very pointed question: Why didn't you ask me to save her first? Why did you ask me to kill the Patriots first?

It seems the nanites are now sentient and learning how to think for themselves and to try and understand. What the boy understands is Aaron is unworthy and he tells him he's not going to save Cyn for him, again. He's going to do as Aaron asked and go away. With that, Aaron is left with a dead Cyn in his arms.

The sad thing is Aaron could have been the nanites teacher. He could have gotten them to help them defeat the Patriots. Instead, because of his innate cowardice he sent them away. And nothing they've learned from our cowardly lion has been what you might call good. He hasn't been grateful for one second that the nanites resurrected him. He's taught them to kill. He's also taught them if there's a choice between saving the one you love or killing your enemy, you kill your enemy, first. In short, once they get rid of the Patriots, the nanites may be their next enemy and thanks from what they learned from Aaron they'll show their enemies no mercy and just set them on fire.

I don't know how I'd act if I was in Aaron's shoes, but I'd at least hope I'd be grateful for them saving my life and the life of someone I loved. I might behave just like Aaron did. However, I hope I'd have the intelligence to see the nanites could help me and my friends against the Patriots. Aaron has behaved like my least favorite Lost character, Jack Shephard. Anytime anything he couldn't explain popped up he'd close his eyes and want it to go away. Since I always wished they had killed Shephard off in the first season instead of Boone, they can go ahead and kill off Aaron anytime and I won't shed no tears over him.

Finally, in the other Patriot camp, Neville got the Secretary's husband to take him and Jason on a train to meet the president. He plans to kill him to have his revenge for Julia's death. Only on the way there Neville sees Julia very much alive with another man. He makes his presence known to her and they have a quickie in the john. She explains the man she's with is her husband. That she married him after the bombings. Neville reveals he was planning on killing the president and the Patriots are behind the bombings. Julia says he isn't going to kill the president, she has another idea. Neville also arranges for Jason to spend some time alone with his mother. Wonder what she's going to do when she learns what the Patriots did to her baby? In some ways, Julia is far more deadlier and cunning than Neville. God only knows what her plan is now.

So the basic cliff hangers are: What does Julia have planned. And will the nanites change their mind or are both Miles and Cyn not only really dead, but most sincerely dead. Tune back in the new year to find out.


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