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Revolution -- The Reunion

Updated on October 30, 2013

Yesterday's Enemy Is Today's Ally

Lately, I find myself rooting for Sebastian more and more. Especially when it comes to Miles and Rachel. When it comes to Bas, both of these paragons of virtue [deep sarcasm] act like they're somehow morally superior to him, when they're just as bad as him. And in Rachel's case far worse.

Miles is the one who started the Monroe Militia than when he got tired of playing he just walked away. He's also the one who had Rachel imprisoned and then just walked away and left her there to rot. And he has a long trail of crapping all over people. God only knows what he did in the season opener in that shack he set on fire. It was enough that had him ready to leave Camp Snoopy. So his holier than thou attitude can be really hard to take. And Rachel is even worse.

She released some foreign thing into our atmosphere all to save her kid's life. Granted, she didn't know it would knock out all the power, but she always knew how to turn it back on, so what happened to the world is all on her. Only when her son finally dies does she suddenly want to turn the power back on, killing all the people who have nanites in them keeping them alive. Because Rachel wanted revenge for her son's death. This chick is the worst monster on the show, so to see Psycho Mama pointing a gun at Bas and acting so holier than thou made me want someone to smash her in the mouth with the butt of the gun.

The Patriots were trying to form some kind of alliance with Texas, and Miles was determined it wouldn't happen. Miles approached the leader of Texas and warned him about The Patriots. Since he knew who and what Miles was he wouldn't believe him, so Miles set out to prove to Texas that The Patriots were the bad guys and Texas needed to align themselves with the resistance group Miles is trying to put together.

Enter Sebastian, and Miles didn't want his help, but Sebastian insisted. They captured a patriot [who was Titus' number two who smashed Miles hand] and were waiting for Texas to show up, when the guy bit down on a cyanide capsule. And there went the proof.

Aaron couldn't get past setting the soldiers on fire to save Miles. It had him taking a walk down memory lane. He recalled how Cyn got him into teaching, since like Rachel he was a bit of a mess when they arrived at Camp Snoopy, but unlike Rachel everyone wasn't worried about him. Cyn had a craptastic husband and one night Aaron saw him messing around with his girlfriend. The guy threatened Aaron and when he returned to his car, Aaron set the dude on fire. And that's how he got rid of the competition and became the new man in Cyn's life. So dying and being resurrected wasn't what gave him this power. It happened before that.

Aaron decides he's going to go away since he can't control his ability and is worried he could be placing lives in jeopardy. Cyn goes to Psycho Rachel to stop him. Psycho finds him and while he's with her, Aaron sees Sebastian is with Charlie and Miles. Of course, that's all Psycho needs to hear, as she grabs her gun to go and kill Sebastian. Give it up, Psycho, you had your chance and couldn't do it. You prefer to let the nanites do you dirty work or have others do it to keep your hands clean.

Miles and Charlie tell Psycho to back-off. Charlie still isn't fond of Mommy Dearest. Psycho can't get that when all is said and done she's far worse than Sebastian, and Charlie knows it. The long list of people Rachel's gotten killed is long than Bas'.

Anyway, Sebastian kills the Texas leader much to the horror of everyone, proving he can be just as big a psycho as Psycho Rachel and tells Miles they can blame it on The Patriots the same way The Patriots are blaming the bombings of Atlanta and Philly on him.

Meanwhile, Neville thwarts an assassination attempt on The Secretary, but when he realizes aligning himself with her won't get him into the inner sanctum of The Patriots, he's about to leave her to die. That's when she pulls out her ace in the hole. She tells Neville The Patriots they're taking people who they feel aren't on Team Patriot to a re-programming center and that's where Neville's son, Jason, was taken. So it sounds like The Patriots are brainwashing people to make them their mindless droids.

Needless to say, Neville changes his mind about abandoning the wounded Secretary, as she may know where these centers are so he can hopefully rescue his son before it's too late.

Yeah, it's definitely time Psycho Rachel got with the program. The Patriots are worse than Sebastian even thought of being and they're even worse than she is. So they're going to need to work with yesterday's enemy and work with them to stop this new worse threat.


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