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Revolution -- The Siege

Updated on October 13, 2013

This flag-waving US government keeps becoming more and more sinister

The show opens with Titus explaining that the woman in the bed is his wife, Jessica, and she's suffering from kidney failure. Because there's no electricity and she can't be hooked up to a dialysis machine, he's constantly replacing her toxic blood with fresh clean blood. And Miles is going to be the next donor because they share the same blood type.

Before Titus can bleed Miles dry, Rachel and Gene arrive and save him. Miles says they have to take Jessica with him so they can have some form of leverage against Titus to stop him from attacking Willoughby. They also release any remaining living prisoners as they return to relative safety.

It isn't long before Titus as his zombie-like followers are wrapping at the gates demanding to be let in. Miles brokers a deal for everyone minus himself to be allowed to leave in exchange for Titus getting his wife back. It's a good plan except for one thing. Jessica doesn't want to go back to Titus. She was being kept as much of a prisoner as Miles was. He was keeping her chained to the bed while she had to watching him kill one person after another to keep her alive. She was actually relieved that she was dying since she thought it would be the only way to escape him.

Everything starts going wrong when Jessica manages to slit her wrists and bleeds out before Rachel can get to her. Then Titus sends one of his family to sneak into the compound and he discovers Jessica dead. Once Titus learns his wife is gone, he orders an attack on Willoughby.

It turns out that Titus' Number Two is actually working for The President and that they've been paying Titus to scare Willoughby not gut the town. Then, like with the Savannah Refugee Camp, the US Government would ride in like John Wayne riding to the rescue.

That's basically what they do, decimating Titus and his family. Unfortunately, Rachel gets shot before that happens. Then the US government sings their Dudley Do Right song, "Here we come to save the day." Of course, what will they do once they realize who Rachel is since they put a bounty out on her.

Aaron tells Cyn about the nanites and that it was them who saved them and it wasn't some act of God. Cyn still would rather believe it was an act of God and that Aaron is chosen. She declared someone [probably God] told the nanites to save Aaron.

Charlie and the Bounty Hunter are on the trail to find Sebastian. Charlie still intends to save them. He tries to melt her cold cold heart and get her on his side by saying he has to bring Sebastian in alive because the US Government have got his dad prisoner and will trade him for Sebastian. He adds if she kills Monroe it'll be like she's personally killing her father. Only thing what he said is a big fat lie.

Sebastian shows up and show Charlie that the Bounty Hunter has wanted posters on Rachel, as well. Sebastian wants to help her to save Rachel and she says no dice, preferring to go save her mother on her own. So it looks like her plans to kill Sebastian are on hold for the moment.

Neville's plan to gain the confidence of the Secretary doesn't exactly go as planned. First she has him and Jason on mess detail, which hardly puts him in the inner circle so he can destroy them from within. Then he and Jason get knocked out and vetted. Seems the commanding officer recognizes both Jason and Neville and knows they were a part of the Monroe Militia. Neville swears fealty to the US Government vowing he wants to make the person that killed his wife pay...Sebastian Monroe.

So, just what does this US government really want? Well, they want power over the United States and it's remaining people, which is obvious. But once they achieve that, what then? Couldn't they have done the same over in Cuba? Or did they do the same thing in Cuba? Is world domination what they're really after? Today the United States and tomorrow the world.

It's obvious they don't care who they kill. How many loves it costs to obtain control over the United States seems to just be considered as collateral damage. I imagine getting the power back on permanently also plays a part in their game plan. They intended the blackout to be over before they came and took back control. That's probably what they want and need Rachel for. To turn back on the power.

If the previews for the next episode is anything to go by, it seems that Aaron may indeed by Chosen to fight against this US Government. It looked like he was setting people on fire with his eyes. So it seems Aaron has become something more than he once was. Was it the nanites apparently resurrecting him or did something happen to his molecular structure when he turned the power back off?

Finally will old enemies have to join forces to fight against the new big bad ugly? And I'm still not forgetting about how the season began with Miles coming out of the shed and setting it on fire? Who was inside there and just what happened?


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