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Revolution -- The Ties That Bind...And The Ones That Don't

Updated on November 14, 2012

Well, there's seems to be a new top dog on the block and her name is Bigger Badder Barbie aka Bora the bland and boring. Our girl Charlie, the one that's usually hogging all the spotlight, was shoved into the background for Bora this week.

Bora had her flashback story of basically hiding under the bed with her younger sister, lying to her that their mother was dead and going to their father's place and finding it deserted. It added nothing to this dull and uninteresting character that they thought was a better character than Maggie and let her survive while they killed Maggie off. Yeah, I'm still bitter.

Team Chuckles finally met up with Strausser and he had Bora's sister. He was demanding the pendant and Miles to free Mia. I was looking at the actress's face who played Mia and she had kind of this bored sneer on her face and it made me wonder if she wasn't secretly working with Strausser, when she was supposedly fearing for her life tied up on the bridge. Maybe they should have filmed the bridge scene before letting the actress know she was just conning everyone, because her facial expressions really gave the whole thing away. I saw viewers online saying how surprised they were when Mia turned out to be working for Strausser and I was like, "Seriously? Did you take a look at her face when she was tied up on the bridge? Totally obvious."

Anyway, for a few seconds there I was fooled into believing we were finally going to be rid of Bora, but then she learned her sister cut a deal with Strausser and she turned on her and rushed back to Team Chuckles. Then Miles got up in Aaron's face for not being able to tell that Mia lifted the pendant off of him and I'm like, "Just who does this POS think he is?" This dude was apparently responsible for getting Rachel to leave her family and become a prisoner of the militia. Then when he got tired of playing militia, he left Rachel behind and took off. This PAB has become more and more unlikable as this show has continued. So, get out of the face of the only likable character in Team Chuckles you PAB.

Per usual, the story at Camp Sebastian was far more interesting than the goings on at Team Chuckles. Neville didn't appear to give squat about his son, Jason, but when he learned Sebastian was going to send him off to California, which was a virtual death sentence, we saw that he still did love his son very much. Jason got caught asking a stable hand where Strausser went and to Sebastian that was an act of treason worthy of death by firing squad or death by being sent to California.

Lucky for Neville his wife, Julia, is a real Lady MacBeth. She brought their kitchen help Rose to Neville who revealed that General Favre's son was a member of the resistance. Bringing that news to Sebastian made him reconsider sending Jason off to his death and Neville was allowed to take his son home.

But wait, Julia wasn't finished yet. She put a bug in Neville's ear that Sebastian wasn't fit to lead and that Neville should consider staging a coup and taking over. As of right now, Julia has just become the most interesting female on this show.

Meanwhile, Strausser brought Sebastian the pendant. Rachel was apparently building some device for him so he could use it to harness some electricity. While Randall is apparently able to track the pendants and wants Grace to do something about it.

You know, the longer this story goes on about the power going off, the worse it seems that these people waited 15 years to try and do something about it. It's like for the last fifteen years they were all twiddling their thumbs until the fifteenth anniversary of the black-out rolled around and they were like, "Hey, why don't we try to figure out why the power went off and to try and turn it back on." Waiting a decade and a half to finally do something just makes the whole premise of the show ridiculous. Even five years would be a long time to wait to try and figure out why the lights went out. Makes the human race seem like a bunch of morons.

I did discover something surprising this week. I discovered if I have to have some bland faux bad-@ss female shoved down my throat I'd prefer it to be Charlie over Bora. Please, no more episodes with Bora being front and center. She's even worse than Charlie.


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