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Revolution -- What Lives In The Bowel Of The Tower?

Updated on May 8, 2013

Original Airing: May 6, 2013

It seems the show has switched from having Charlie being the protagonist to Miles. It’s not much better, since Miles isn’t a character that’s very root worthy. It’s like rooting for Monroe or Neville. The problem is with this show there’s really not any character to root for.

Speaking of Monroe, he and Flynn are hooked up in some manner. Monroe referred to Flynn as his IT guy.

Neville shows up at Miles camp to inform him he’s now a member of his troop. He also reveals that Monroe has a doctor working on weaponizing anthrax. Charlie, Jason and Nora go with Miles to kidnap the doctor. While they’re doing that, Neville is rescuing the man’s family.

Since the death of Emma, Miles has become very cutthroat. After he and his team kidnap the doctor, he reveals they’ve also kidnapped the man’s family to make him do what they want. Charlie can’t believe Miles is doing this. She can’t seem to connect the dots that what he’s doing to the doctor he did to Rachel.

Neville and Jason don’t have a happy reunion. Neville says he and Julia had to run for their lives because of Jason joining with the rebels. She got hypothermia and nearly died. And he was forced to join Team Georgia to survive.

Nora is going to join another team because she feels Miles hasn’t changed and he’s still big bad General Matheson. She helps Charlie and Jason trap Neville and Miles then they try to help the doctor and his family escape. Unfortunately, Neville gets out and tries to kill everyone, including his son. Miles shows up and helps Charlie and company escape from both Neville and Monroe’s people.

Later, Nora strips down and screws Miles feeling he’s really changed. Maybe she should have stripped down and screwed Charlie since Miles only did the right thing because Charlie made him do it. It’s basically what’s been happening all season long. Miles only does the right thing because Charlie forces him to do it. That’s not doing the right thing and changing, Blow-Up Barbie Doll Nora.

Charlie has a smug smile on her face as Miles turns the table on an enraged Neville when he confronts him. Sweetie, I wouldn’t be so smug. You’re up the butt of the guy that destroyed your family. If she had been taking notes of what Miles was doing to the doctor she might have figured out what Miles did to her mother, since Miles is too gutless to tell the ninny straight-out.

Meanwhile in the Thompson Tribal Lands Rachel steals some food from their leader when he won’t give her and Aaron any. He hunts them down for stealing the food, so she shooting him. But when she and Aaron are running from his men she hurts her leg. She tries to get Aaron to leave her, but he won’t. Too bad he didn’t have that mentality when it came to his wife. Ever since I found out what he did to his wife, I haven’t liked him much and I’ve found him pretty irritating.

After Aaron and Rachel take out the men chasing them, she tells him he really has to leave her there. He has to go to the Tower by himself. Then she reveals the notebook she’s been working on in preparation to going to the tower has a newspaper clipping of him in it. He doesn’t understand how he could be connected to the Tower.

Meanwhile at The Tower, I’m guessing, Grace is being kept a prisoner by one of Flynn’s men. She’s working on a computer and says she can get him down to Level 12. He handcuffs her before heading down in the elevator. She tries to pick the lock on her handcuffs to escape while he goes down in the elevator.

As it turns out he only makes it down to Level 7 when the elevator stops. The video monitor goes blank and Grace hears him screaming. Then the elevator comes up and it appears to me covered in blood. Grace stares in horror as the elevator opens.

The scene with Grace and the guy at The Tower was the only really interesting scene in the entire episode. Maybe they should make her the protagonist. She seems more root-worthy than the rest of the characters. It seems by this scene there’s going to be more going on than turning the electricity back on. It seems there’s some kind of monster in the bowels of The Tower.


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    • profile image

      Lybrah 4 years ago

      I actually really like this show. It is really interesting, and I do care about the characters. I have to disagree with your analysis.